December 8, 2023

Netflix has big plans and will soon become more than just a streaming service – 2023 News

A few months ago, Netflix announced that it would discontinue its mail-order DVD business, through which the company gained fame long before the streaming boom. This marks the end of a 25-year era, but Netflix doesn’t want to be just a streaming service. The new project we chose was very ambitious.

Series like “Stranger Things” and “Squid Game” aren’t just shows. They entertain millions of people and remain in the minds of viewers long after the series has ended. Netflix itself has noticed this as well, and has been selling video games based on some successful in-house products for several years.

Josh Simons, vice president of consumer products at Netflix, said they’ve been thinking long and hard about how to take this experience to the next level. Ultimately, the decision was made to move entertainment from screens to the real world. In the future, so-called pilot sites will be opened, which will then offer a combination of gastronomy and entertainment.

What seems unusual at first, is ultimately nothing more than a small version of theme parks like Disney World. The Mouse Company has proven this works well since 1955.

The project is still just a first attempt and locations will only be opened in the United States. If the project turns out to be successful, it is also possible to expect individual facilities in Europe in the next few years. The first locations in the USA are scheduled to open in 2025. It is not yet known which brands will be launched in the real world first. Hit series like “Stranger Things” or “Squid Game” would be suitable for this purpose.

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