June 23, 2024

National League: Zug Challenge in title fight after 7:2 against Davos

National League: Zug Challenge in title fight after 7:2 against Davos

Goalkeeper Leonardo Genone (on the ground directly) from Zug defuses the situation in front of the goal.Photo: cornerstone

04.03.2022, 22:3504/03/2022, 23:04

Train – Davos 7: 2

EV Zug increased pressure on leader Friborg with a 7:2 crush of HC Davos. After their last two home wins, HCD is brutally back on the ground at the Champions. Even before the half-game, Waffle was practically in the lead with a 4-0 lead for Zog.

In the first third match, Marco Muller and Fabrice Herzog shot the Swiss center forward twice in a power show, in the middle section, young Luca Di Nisco and Dario Allsbach doubled.

Yannick Freiner’s lavish goal to 1:4 in his 200th National League game was little consolation. In the final third, Zug controlled the game without any problems, and Herzog took his third hat-trick in the National League.

Of the last seven matches, only Zug has lost the first away fight in Freiburg. The two fought a head-to-head duel for the playoff victory, with the successful train getting close to the leader. Since both teams will not have the same number of games at the end, it will probably remain to calculate the point factor for each game until the last round.

On the other hand, sixth-placed Davos is feeling the breath of Servet and Lausanne in their fight to qualify directly for the quarter-finals.

Zug – Davos 7:2 (2:0, 2:1, 3:1)
7053 spectators. – S. Bishaczyk (Germany) / Urban (Australia), Stenstra (Canada) / Ghneimy.
gates: 11. Muller (Hoffmann, Simion/Powerplaytor) 1:0.13. Herzog (Müller, Hoffmann/Powerplaytor) 2:0.26. De Nisko (Allnsbach, Smurfs) 3-0. 29. Allenspach (Suri, Bachofner) 4: 0. 37. Frehner (Wellinger, Dominik Egli) 4: 1. 42. Herzog (Zender, Sentinel) 5: 1. 48 Stransky (Rasmussen, Prum) 5-2. 50. Herzog (Hoffmann, Müller/Powerplaytor) 6:2. 59. Hoffmann (Djoos, Müller/Powerplaytor) 7:2.
punish: 1 time 2 minutes against Zug, 7 times and 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance scorer: Hanson. Broome.
Train: genoni ; Kadunau, DJs; Big Smurfs; Hanson, Wuthrich; bird; Simeon, Muller, Hoffmann; Klingberg, Lander, Bachoener; Zehnder, Sentineler, Herzog; Surrey, Allensbach, De Nisco.
Davos: Sen. Negrin, Jung; Dominic Egli, Wellinger; Zgraggen, Barandon; Staub, Heinen; Stransky, Rasmussen, Brummy; Ambul, Corvi, Chris Egli; Frehner, Prassl, Dirt. Weser, Canova, Knack.
Notes: Zug without Holenstein, Marchini (both injured), Chris, Leuenberger, Stadler (all sick) and Kovar (excess foreign), Davos without Valentin Nussbaumer, Simic (both injured) and Pospisil (excess foreign). (sda)

BIEL – Lausanne 2: 3

Lausanne is the name of Friday’s big winner in the battle for sixth place. Vaudois won at Bell, while their direct competitors Davos and Geneva Servet lost.

Servette in particular must have been very upset that she was not able to significantly improve her position. En route to a poor win over bottom club Ajoy, they conceded a 3-3 equalizer with 26 seconds left and lost in overtime.

The exact opposite happened in Lausanne. He scored the winning goal in Bale 16 seconds before the end to make the score 3-2. They have overtaken Vaud Servet and are now just three points behind – with one game less – behind sixth-placed Davos. This was outperformed in Zug with 2:7.

It is also now officially clear that not all 13 teams can complete the full 52-game program. Four matches – Friborg-Davos, Bale-Fribourg, SCL Tiger-Ajoy and SCL Tigers-Lausanne, had to be called off permanently. This means that the points factor for each game will remain the deciding factor in placements until the qualifying end on March 14th.

Bell 2-3 Lausanne (1-1, 0-1, 1-1)
5130 spectators. – SR Stolc (SVK) / Huerlimann, Altmann / Cattaneo.
gates: 5. Delemont (Love, Brunner) 1-0. 14. Sycak (Fox, Genazi) 1-1. 38. Melly (Sekac / Poor Target!) 1: 2. 52 – Love 2: 2. 60 (59:44) Riyat (Fox, Skak) 2: 3.
punish: 1 x 2 minutes against Bale, 5 x 2 minutes against Lausanne.
PostFinance scorer: Rajala Sikkak.
Bill: van Puttelberge ; Stampfly, Love; Yakovenko, Grossman; Schneeberger, Forster; Delmont. Hescher, Salinis, Rajala; Brunner, Conti, Konzel; Hogley, Indrasis, Hoover; Kessler, Freudvo, Schleibfer; Tanner
Lausanne: Boltshauser; Glauser, Genazi. Marty, Grant; Heldner, Frick. friends. Riyat, Fox, Sycak; Birchi, Millie, Boson; Barry, Jäger, Baumgartner; Krakauskas, Millard, Doi.
Notes: Bell without Faye, Haas, Kurbicowski (all sick), Kohler and Rathgp (both injured).

Ajoy – Serve 4: 3 AM

If those two points didn’t hurt Geneva Servet in her fight for direct qualification to the quarter-finals: Despite an unconvincing performance, Geneva were on their way to a poor victory before Guillaume Asselin equalized to make it 3-3 with 26 seconds. After nearly two minutes of extra time, Canadian Ajoy scored one of the rare victories.

With a three-point win, Servette would have followed up with sixth-placed Davos. It was only in the 58th minute when Joël Vermin gave the lead to Geneva for the first time. As it was, Ajoy won for the second time in the last 23 matches. Servette has only four out of nine potential points against the rookie team.

Ajoie – Geneva – Servette 4:3 (2:1, 0:1, 1:1, 1:0) after
3,981 spectators. – S. R. Stricker / Tscherrig, Progin / Duarte.
gates: sixth free (hard) 1: 0. 9. Carrier (Winick) 1: 1. 14. DeVos (Gautier-Leduc, Huber) 2-1. 38. Vinnik (Vermin) 2: 2. 58. Rod (Vermin) 2-3. 60. (59:34) Asselin (Devos / Powerplaytor) 3: 3 (without goalkeeper). 62. Asselin (Wännström, Devos/power play) 4:3.
punish: 2 x 2 minutes against Ajoie, 4 x 2 minutes against Genève-Servette.
PostFinance scorer: devos; Tomerence.
Ajoy: Wolf; Gauthier-Leduc, Pouillet; Roeler, Hauert; Bierbaum, Eigenmann; Jogi, Bartolet; Hopper, DeVos, Dirt. Asselin, Frossard, Wännstrom; Fry, Romanini, Scheffrey; Bogdanov, Makwat, Schneige.
Geneva Servet: Neville. Carrier, Tomris; Vatanen, construction worker. Jacquemet, LeCoultre; full minute;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Rodd, Richard, Fermin; Moy, Poliot, Smirnov; Antonetti, Berthon, Ryatt; Foilamose.
Notes: Ajoy without Hazen (injured), Fortier (excess foreign), Geneva Servet without Charlene, Miranda, Patri and Tanner (all injured). Ajoie from 58:13 to 59:03 and from 59:06 to 59:34 without a goalkeeper. (sda)