Nabu presents a 360-degree virtual underwater world of the North Sea | free press

With “Nordseelife” the Nature Conservancy makes the marginal sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean a virtual experience. The project aims to make people aware of the protection of the North Sea.


Experience the underwater world of the German North Sea from all angles – Internet users can do it on their PC, tablet or smartphone. This was made possible by the Union for the Conservation of Nature (NAPO) at

More than 120 marine animal and plant creatures can be explored at the site, including sea dogs, porpoises and edible crabs, said Kim Detloff, director of marine conservation at Naboo. “As a user, you can turn where you want,” Detloff said. For the 360-degree images, the divers were in the water for 25 hours, said Holger Weber of Kubikfoto.

Through the project, Naboo wants to make people aware of the protection of the North Sea, according to Detloff. Pollution by plastic waste, ghost nets or pollution from shipping, for example, has also been discussed. Researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven report how they want to reproduce the European oyster, which is thought to be extinct in the German North Sea.

In addition to the underwater worlds, snapshots of land are also shown, such as the salt marshes of Borkum or Janet’s colony in Helgoland. The accompanying texts are spoken by actor Axel Brahl. In 2018, Naboo already owns The Baltic Sea can almost be experienced made. (dpa)

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