May 21, 2024

Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) ist längst nicht mehr «nur» eine gewöhnliche Waschsalonbesitzerin

Movie Tip «Everywhere Everything Simultaneously» All My Egos –

Evelyn, the owner of Landret, is overwhelmed. But then she discovered her diversity and her other selves. “Everything Everywhere at Once” is a film about possibilities, opportunities and life at this time.

Charles Martic

The most bizarre things happen in diversity – everywhere and all at once. If you can not imagine, take a divine view of the universe, and at the same time think about its endless variations.

Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh, right) is exhausted and drowned

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” by Don Quan and Daniel Schneider provides precisely this descriptive overview. The directing duo demand the impossible from their audience and ride wild through the genre of cinema. We get everything from social drama to burlesque, from fantasy movies to action comedy, from the weird fights of Hong Kong cinema to the captivating village theater.

Me and all my genres

A big plus in watching movies is the love for martial arts movies and the great Michelle Yoh. She plays the laundry owner Evelyn Wang, who is immersed in her daily life. How nice it would be to step out of the valley of tears of life and reach new frontiers. That’s exactly what’s happening in this awesome junk B-movie. Evelyn learns the potential of variations for herself in parallel universes.

Evelyn (Michael Joh, center) uses her new powers to protect those around her

Evelyn (Michael Joh, center) uses her new powers to protect those around her

Call for peace

At its core, “Everything …” is a film about the shortcomings of life, all of which will be resolved in a moment if the most important moment of life is the gift of omnipotence, omnipresence and peace: in this moment – here and now.

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Warning: Anyone who wants to prioritize drama in Art House cinema is sitting here in the wrong picture. Loving P-movies is an absolute necessity. Only suitable for mature adults who can laugh about themselves and the needs of art cinema …

“Everywhere Simultaneously”, United States of America 2022, Directors: Dan Quan and Daniel Schneider, Cast: Michael Yo, Ke Hui Kuan, James Hong, Distributors: Filmcopy; Movie page:

In theaters from June 16, 2022