Motorsports: Four Main Seasons Celebration of the Anniversary

Since the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg was officially reopened ten years ago, to celebrate Jubilee, the Formula 1 Styrian Grand Prix will take place on June 27, followed by the week after the Austrian Grand Prix, which will remain on its date 4 July. The French Grand Prix takes place on June 20.

In 2020, Spielberg hosted the opening match of the Formula 1 season, which was delayed by the pandemic, with two races. Earlier on Friday, the WMC rights holder had already announced that MotoGP would also hold a double-track event this summer at the Styrian Murtal. Race dates are August 8th and 15th.

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Matchitz: “Send a strong signal to the world”

“We are very excited to be able to host two additional races on the international stage of motorsports, and thus we can also assure ourselves of good cooperation with both Formula 1 and our role. Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz said,“ With the acquisition of the two races, we would like – as in the year Previous – Sending a strong signal of life, confidence and optimism from Styria to the world. “

Red Bull Boss Dietrich Matchitz.

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Dietrich Matischitz, founder of Red Bull, is thrilled about “doubling” at Spielberg

Thanks to Styrian’s initiative and investments, the old Österreich-Ring was revived as the Red Bull Ring in May 2011, just ten years earlier. Formula 1 is back in Aichfeld since 2014, and MotoGP since 2016.

“Formula 1 has shown once again that it is able to respond quickly to short-term developments and find solutions.” Said Stefano Domenicali, Formula 1 coach, “We are very pleased that the double header in Austria is still in 23 races of the season.” I thank the promoters and authorities in Turkey. On their efforts over the past few weeks. I would also like to thank the promoters in France and Austria for their quick work, flexibility and enthusiasm. “

At least 3,000 spectators are possible

Due to the rollback of strict coronavirus preventive measures from mid-May, a certain number of motorsport fans will be allowed again to be on the grand runways of the races in Styria. According to the currently planned rules for outdoor events, 3000 spectators will be allowed, but increasing this maximum by the end of June is quite possible.

“It is a pleasure and an honor for Styria that there will be two Formula 1 races in addition to the MotoGP in our state this year.” Christopher Drexler, the Styrian State Sports Council (ÖVP), happily said: “In particular, with the Grand Prix Styria, we turn once Another to the international limelight in an exciting way. In the summer, he added, Styria would once again be “the hub of the motorsport world”, expressing thanks to Machitz.

Replaceable replacement

Technically, the Styria F1-GP is a replacement replacement. Because Turkey’s history in Istanbul on June 13 was already reserved for the Canadian Grand Prix, which was canceled in April due to entry restrictions. Formula 1 announced that Turkey – like China – would retain a possible alternate race later in the year.

Britain has placed Turkey on the Red List of countries from which direct entry to the United Kingdom is prohibited. British residents and residents of Great Britain must be quarantined at the hotel for ten days at their own expense after returning home from these countries. Most Formula 1 teams are based in Great Britain, with the majority of employees traveling from Great Britain to the respective races.

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