July 17, 2024

More than 70,000 routers infected: Malware often goes undetected

More than 70,000 routers infected: Malware often goes undetected

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from: Felina Willner

Routers used by private users and small businesses fall victim to the latest malware. You should take note of this.

Syke – Malware has infected tens of thousands of SoHo routers with Linux operating systems – including Fritzbox routers. Since malware usually remains undetected for a long period of time, a careful scan is worth it. Preventive measures can also be taken.

SoHo router

SoHo stands for “small office” and “home office.” Thus, the SoHo router is designed for small businesses and home offices.

Attention SoHo router users: Over 70,000 routers infected

Only recently has one Warning from the Consumer Advice Center for Telekom customers Address, Linux-based SoHo routers are now affected. According to Technology Portal computer bleed The malware has been in circulation since at least May 2021 and thus has been undetected for two years. Malware goal: Add infected routers to a botnet to enable criminal data mining activities such as password snooping and digital ad fraud.

Private users are also affected: malware infects tens of thousands of routers. (avatar) © Imago

It is no coincidence that SoHo routers fall victim to malware and that small offices and private households are affected. Unlike large companies, system updates are performed less frequently – and more security vulnerabilities are expected. It turns out that consumers shouldn’t only be thinking about how they use their routers make it fasterbut you also need to pay more attention to the security of your private data.

Router malware detected: Here’s what you need to know now

If your router gets infected with malware like this, your data is at risk. This is beautiful Download an app It could have serious consequences. According to the consumer portal chip and Consumer Advice Center, the following can help protect against Avrecon malware and other malicious software:

  1. Before you buy: Check your IT security and get advice if needed
  2. Encrypt and reboot routers regularly and install the latest security patches
  3. Be careful when downloading applications and files: especially program files with .exe, .bat, .com, or .vbs extensions
  4. Be careful when dealing with emails: especially with prominent subject lines and unknown links and attachments
  5. Do not activate macros, that is, a series of commands in the application program
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To check if you are really affected by malware, you should know which router it is. Are you using a SoHo router with Linux? Then you might be affected by this malware. If you have any doubts or are not sure, you should stop using the router and seek advice from experts, recommends the Consumer Advice Center. Follow Favorite