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from: Joost Rademacher

A well-known leaker has revealed mixed teams for EA Sports FC’s FUT mode. Many fans are not enthusiastic about the idea.

VANCOUVER, Canada – Soccer has been known as an entirely male-dominated sport for the longest time. That has increasingly changed in recent years, thanks in part to the increased visibility and public support of women’s football. EA Sports has also focused more on women’s representation in soccer since FIFA 16. In EA Sports FC, the developer wants to take the next step. According to new information from an insider, mixed teams should be possible in FIFA’s successor.

The name of the game EA Sports FC
Version (date first published) Damn
Publishers Electronic Arts
series EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA)
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia
Developer EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts
Type Football simulation

EA Sports FC: FUT Leak – Men and Women on the same team

insider says: Anyone who has played Ultimate Team mode in recent FIFA games should know about @FutSheriff on Twitter. The inside account regularly shares early information about new FUT promotions and is one of the first to leak about new features and developments regarding Ultimate Team.

FutSheriff has also gained a lot of knowledge for EA Sports FC. It was recently revealed that EA plans to make women playable in FUT, even with mixed teams. So it is possible in the EAFC that Jamal Musiala will play up front with Megan Rapinoe – on the same team.

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No separate game mode: Later, after the first post on Twitter, FutSheriff explained in more detail that these mixed teams could not be played in a separate FUT game mode. A large pool of all players will then be available for EA Sports FC, instead of being separated by gender as has been the case in regular games in recent years.

Another leak recently revealed that players can be upgraded to their FUT level for EA Sports FC. So expect some changes to the popular trading card mode.

EA Sports FC: Women’s & Co-ed FUT – Fans wonder about the balance

Here’s how fans react: All the changes and innovations in EA Sports FC are still causing some question marks in the FUT community. The idea of ​​mixed teams is very popular. However, many believe that EA had major problems with previous FIFA games that they needed to deal with beforehand. For example, @XPgamer11 complains in responses on Twitter that EA still has no plans for cross-play for Pro Clubs or better content for FUT.

EA Sports FC revolutionizes FUT – Possibility of mixed men’s and women’s teams © EA Sports (Montage)

Elsewhere, there are widespread concerns about balancing EA unfairly or improperly distributing card values ​​in FUT. This may either lead to the values ​​of female players being significantly lower than those of men. Conversely, it is possible that EA overcompensated and empowered women to drive fans to actively use them in teams.

Realistically speaking, it seems likely that women and men should be judged on the same level according to their abilities. In this case, Alexandra Pope or Alex Morgan would have the highest rating, just like the other male forwards. Perhaps an icon card from Birgit Prinz is already waiting for us. The first new FUT ICON cards have also been leaked at EA Sports FC recently.

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