February 23, 2024

Migration: Asylum law: British government reaches out to critics

The Conservative government has sought to avoid criticism from within its own ranks by pledging tougher action amid a row over tightening new British asylum laws. Justice Minister Alex Sack announced that judges would be assigned to extradition hearings to speed up the resolution of cases.

Also, 25 courtrooms will be used for these proceedings alone and more than 100 new staff will be hired. The Prime Minister's spokesman said the draft law ensures the threshold for a successful appeal against deportation is very high. Rishi Sunak.

What does the law require?

The law stipulates that irregular migrants are sent to Rwanda without their asylum application being examined, regardless of their origin. You should be there Asylum Apply and have no plans to return to Great Britain. The East African country, which critics accuse of human rights abuses, should be declared a safe third country by law and exempt from further judicial review if possible.

The new asylum law is due to be debated again in Parliament in London today. Tory right-wing representatives think the plans are inadequate. You have proposed several amendments. In doing so, they also want to ensure that appeals against extradition in international courts are no longer possible.

Former prime minister Boris Johnson has thrown his support behind the Tory rebels, who include around 60 MPs. Sunak has secured 58 votes in the Lok Sabha. A third reading is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

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The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR has criticized the government's plans as inconsistent with Britain's international obligations under asylum law. Downing Street denied the allegations.

Prominent Tories resign over extradition law row

The row within the Conservative Party now has personal consequences. Two Tory deputy chief executives, Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith, are stepping down.

They were expected to vote against the government's bill and wanted to avoid eviction by resigning. A third reading vote was expected this Wednesday evening. If at least 28 Tory MPs vote against Sunak's draft, the plan is likely to fail.

Anderson and Clarke-Smith stressed in their joint resignation letter that Sunak's bill was insufficient to close all the loopholes. That is why they will support the amendments. Anderson in particular, who hosts a talk show on right-wing TV station GB News in addition to his mandate, is popular with many conservative voters due to his outspoken nature.

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