Putin warned against cuts in gas supplies

The Kremlin leader said the summit with Turkey and Iran in Tehran on Wednesday night, Russian state news agency TASS reported. “We still have a finished route – that’s Nord Stream 2. We can run it,” Putin offered at the same time.

Since the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 has been out of service for maintenance work, no Russian gas has arrived in Germany since July 11. It is feared that Gazprom may keep the gas pipeline closed even after the work is completed, which Berlin estimates will take ten days.

Putin has called for sanctions to be lifted

In a discussion on the blockade of Ukrainian grain exports in Tehran, Putin called for the lifting of Western sanctions on Russian grain exports: “We will facilitate Ukrainian grain exports, but we consider that all restrictions will be imposed on air cargo deliveries. Russian grain exports,” he said.

The West accuses Russia of deliberately restricting Ukrainian and Russian grain exports. Moscow, on the other hand, blames Western sanctions for the lack of exports and rising food prices worldwide. However, the EU and other countries have repeatedly insisted that food exports from Russia are not subject to their sanctions.

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