April 13, 2024

Microsoft explains the difference at its end of support

Microsoft has commented on the planned “transition period” from classic Outlook to the new Outlook. It was previously said that the collection would support the classic look for another two years – but now there's a change.

Multi-year “withdrawal” phase

The new Outlook for Windows is currently available as a preview for business customers. You can try it in the Classic app at the top right using a small slider. Last fall, Microsoft emphasized that companies have enough time to adapt.

After a multi-year “opt out” phase, the old classic Outlook will be completely retired and completely replaced by the new PWA version. The time frame mentioned was support until 2026. But now there is a corporate update.

Now there is news about it. Microsoft wrote in an article in Technology community I left with more details about it. This was necessary because many customers may have come to Microsoft with the question, “How long do businesses have to prepare for these changes and what will the availability of classic Outlook for Windows look like in the future?” receipt. It is now said that classic Outlook will continue to have updates and support through 2029. “Please note that the transition period does not mean the end of support for classic Outlook for Windows. We will maintain published support schedules for the current version of classic Outlook for Windows through at least 2029.”

The Outlook team has now published a comprehensive guide to the availability of the new Outlook for Windows product.

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For the new Outlook for Windows release, the company is also using the same phased approach it began when it became available to Mac users. There are three basic stages: “Subscribe”, “Unsubscribe” and “Redeem”. In the “Subscribe” stage, you can switch if you want, and in the “Unsubscribe” stage, you can just stay on the old version if you want. With the “conversion” the new Outlook is “activated” by default. Users are automatically integrated into the new Outlook.


  • Microsoft extends support for classic Outlook through 2029
  • New Outlook for Windows is in preview for enterprise customers
  • Switch to the new PWA version of Outlook planned for 2026
  • Answering customer questions about change period and availability
  • The new Outlook product availability guide has been published
  • Three-stage approach to moving Outlook: opt-in, unsubscribe, and convert
  • Automatic integration into new Outlook during replacement phase

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