July 17, 2024

Match Report – an embarrassing appearance in Will Arau – conceded historic bankruptcy and left important points behind

Match Report – an embarrassing appearance in Will Arau – conceded historic bankruptcy and left important points behind

Match report

Disgraceful Appearance in Will – FC Arau admitted a historic bankruptcy and left important points

FC Aarau wanted to shorten the gap at Barrage to three points when they played against FC Wil. After the first half underground, Araw had to return home after an embarrassing 7-0 defeat.

In the 30th round of the Challenge League, FC Araw will play in FC Well.

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As FC Aarau got stuck in a major traffic jam during the journey from Brügglifeld to Wil and only reached Bergholz shortly after 7pm, the start of the match was postponed from 8pm to 8.30pm after consulting with referee Sven Wolfensberger and with him FC Weil. . If things don’t go as intended for FC Aarau on the motorway around Zurich, they are sure to be sliding on the artificial turf in Wil. Furthermore. Coach Stefan Keeler’s side suffered a real total write-off, losing 7-0 at the end and six laps to go in the fight against Barrage who are sixth behind Thun.

Stefan Keeler disappointed after the final whistle. After 7-0 Swat against Will, Thun’s gap is still six points.

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The first half is disastrous for Araw

FC Aarau lived a very black evening in Wil. The team, who recently won the Cup and Championship four times in a row, can thank Simon Enzler for not being late after just six minutes. The goalkeeper saved Fallon Fazlio’s shot into the crossbar with quick reaction. But a quarter of an hour later, disaster took its course: Silvio was lonely in the six-yard area after a cross from Marcin Dickenman scoring 1-0. When Marin Haile Selassie increased by double whammy to 3: 0, Silvio scored 4: 0 and Bledian Krasniqi increased to 5: 0, the bullshit was done after 36 minutes and the defenders of Aarauer were richer with one lesson.

Disappointed Aarauer after 0: 5 by Bledian Krasniqi (right).

Disappointed Aarauer after 0: 5 by Bledian Krasniqi (right).

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So, believe it or not, FC Arau were 5-0 down in the second half. Five goals you met in the first half? Mad! But nothing new: this was the last time on June 30, 2020, when Araw’s team fell 5-2 to Winterthur and finally lost by the same score. Back to the match at Will: Needless to say, the tension in the second half was limited by the apparent advance of Eastern Switzerland.

But there was still one surprise: Wells captain Philip Montwiler allowed himself to make a fatal mistake on Kevin Spadanoda after an hour in midfield and he should have seen the red card. The fact that referee Wolfensburger Montwiler showed only the yellow card was a blatant mistake, but in the end it’s just a side note. Just like the fact that Silvio rose to 6: 0 with his third goal and Tiki Toshi increased the score to 7: 0.

Lyon Bergsma and goalkeeper Simon Insler slashed header after Silvio's 6-0 goal.

Lyon Bergsma and goalkeeper Simon Insler slashed header after Silvio’s 6-0 goal.

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0: 7? This is not new either! On 28 November 1982, FC Aarau lost 7-0 to GC in Hardturm. However, that was in the National A League, as well as in the First Division. On November 7, 2010, FC Araw went bankrupt, 7-1, in the Bale Challenge League. What a bitter stats look like!

Focus now on the Swiss Cup

From Arau’s point of view, there is hope for better times, on the other hand, the point of view of two dates that fans and sympathizers should mark in red in their schedules: On Tuesday, May 4, the semi-final against Lucerne will take place in Brügglifeld. Starting off at 5.30 pm. The game will be broadcast on SRF 2. Should FC Arau beat Central Switzerland, they will face the winner of the Servet-St Gallen match in the final on Monday, May 24th.

Telegram match

FC Well – Araw 7: 0 (5: 0)

Mountain wood. – 100 spectators. SR: Wolfensburger Goals: 20. Silvio 1-0. 25. Haile Selassie 2-0. 28. Haile Selassie 3-0. 35. Silvio 4: 0. 36. Krasnicki 5-0. 69 Silvio 6: 0.84 Toshi 7-0.
Wants: Cohn. Dickenman, Matzler, Kronig, Shabee; Muntwiler (63. Kamber), Krasniqi (78. Ndau); Toshi, Vasilio (74. Zombie), Haile Selassie (74. Brahimi); Silvio (78. Blasucci).
Araw: Insler. Giger, Thiesson, Bergsma, Conus (72. Caserta); Eckle, Hamrich (Schweigler 66); Aratore (46. Balaj), Schneider (46. Almeida), Rrudhani (46. Spadanuda); Stojelkovic.
Notes: Woe without the Ismailis, Izmirlioglu, Soter (all injured), Al-Abazi, Abu Bakr, Jones, Klein, Kronich, Boneso, Sarseviش and Talpidi (all not included). Araw without Schindleholz (ill), Gashi, Peralta, Colako, Thaler, Verbum (all injured), Avdelli, Hajdari and Hosni (all not in the squad). – Warnings: 27. Jäckle, 52. Haile Selassie, 57. Muntwiler (all play sly), 58. Almeida, 58. Dickenman (both unsportsmanlike), 60. Bergsma (play at odds).

Did you miss the game? Read the game track here in the live stream:

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