May 23, 2024

Sister Kim Jong Un threatens the United States

Sister Kim Jong Un threatens the United States

FifthBefore the visit of new US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Pentagon President Lloyd Austin to South Korea, North Korea condemned the joint military exercises between the two allies and warned the United States. Kim Yoo Jong, the sister of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, accused the new government of causing trouble. “If she wants to sleep peacefully for the next four years, it is better for her to refrain from spreading a foul odor as a first step,” Kim was quoted by state-controlled media on Tuesday. Moving to South Korea, North Korea threatened to withdraw from a bilateral military agreement for 2018.

Last week, the armed forces of the United States and South Korea began a spring exercise on a reduced scale. The leadership maneuvers, which will continue until Thursday, have been curtailed by Seoul, keeping in mind the coronavirus pandemic and diplomacy in the row over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

North Korea finds itself in a state of provocation due to the United States’ regular military exercises with South Korea. The two countries refuse to accuse Pyongyang of preparing an attack. “War training and hostility cannot go hand in hand with dialogue and cooperation,” said the statement by Kim Yoo Jong, who has been an influential advisor to her brother Kim Jong-ounce for years.

North Korean policy coordination will also be a major topic in the Blinkins and Austin talks with the South Korean government. The two ministers are expected to arrive in Seoul on Wednesday.

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