December 10, 2023

Indianapolis -3: Ken Rockin (Honda) wins for the third time!  / World Super Crossover Championship

Indianapolis -3: Ken Rockin (Honda) wins for the third time! / World Super Crossover Championship

With his win from start to finish, German World Championship captain Ken Rokzen (Honda) also won the third final in Indianapolis, ahead of Cuper Webb and Marvin Moskin (both KTM) and continued their lead to 16 points.

6. Run to Supercross-WM Indianapolis (Indiana): Driver works for HRC Ken Rockzen He actually won the preliminary round and after his victory he went to the Indianapolis-3 Final with a lot of self-confidence. Rockzen won ‘Hole shot’ Just forward Justin Weather in Barcelona (GASGAS), who in the following rounds Speed From the Germans they could go on, launch an offensive, but in the end not on the HRC plant driver Passed.

Cooper Web I got stronger again at the end of the race. It came within close range Rockzen, But it was not enough to attack. Rockzen He dominated the race from the front and took no unnecessary risks. He led elegantly and smoothly to their third victory of the season and extended the lead in the World Championship to 16 points.

Unfortunately, twisted bikers have played a part in Indianapolis. when Rockzen As a leader Vince When he reached Friese, he was noticeably stopped, but at least he’s dead. Then move forward Weather in Barcelona He approached the twisted frieze in third position and immediately collided. Weather in Barcelona Crashed on the trail of “tripartite”. The suffix is ​​Eli Tomatoes (Kawasaki) couldn’t avoid it, crashed into a wreck Weather in Barcelona And I also fell. Tomatoes It could go on, but it fell P. 4 On P. 7 back. For Weather in Barcelona If the race was over after the crash, it was running P. 19 It was ranked and fell into the World Cup P. 4 On P. 5 back.

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Third place on the podium Marvin Muskin (KTM) After an accident in Heats He did not have a good starting position for the final. Profited from the fall Weather in Barcelona And the Tomatoes Just before the Indianapolis-3 Finals end.

The world championship now moves to Orlando, where World Cup 7 will be played on February 13 and World Cup 8 will be played on February 20.

Every detail is final Supercross-WM Indianapolis -3, see below Raine version:

Rockzen And the Weather in Barcelona The start of the tie for the final. Rockzen Prevail in the first round.

19 Accurate:
Rockzen Shows Weather in BarcelonaAnd the WebAnd the Weather in Cianciarulo And the Tomatoes.

17 more Accurate:
Weather in Barcelona It can also fill the gap Leader Rockzen Close. Collide with one Left turn In the take from RockzenSo both pilots falter. This comes Web On P. 3 Closer to the upper duo.

13 more Accurate:
Rockzen He finds his rhythm and can now easily break up. Rockzen It drives 1.8 seconds.

12 more Accurate:
Tomatoes Hat Web On P. 3 Within walking distance.

10 more Accurate:
Rockzen His advance extended to 2.1 seconds.

7 more Accurate:
Web She has it now Weather in Barcelona In second place within walking distance.

5 more Accurate:
Web An error is used from Weather in Barcelona Ranked 2, assists. Also Tomatoes Outdated Weather in Barcelona, But the GASGAS factory driver can respond immediately.

2 more Accurate:
Rockzen Raised by a round frieze. Weather in Barcelona Collide with eaves when rolling and falling. following Tomatoes Can’t evade, crash into wreckage Weather in Barcelona And he falls too. Tomatoes Can continue, Weather in Barcelona Lags behind.

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The last round:
Rockzen Repels attacks Web And wins the third race in a row. has crashed Weather in Barcelona And the Tomatoes Inherit Marvin Muskin Third place.

calendar SX-WMIndianapolis -3:

1. Ken Rockzen (D), Honda
2. Cooper Web (United States of America), KTM
3. Marvin Muskin (F), KTM
4. Malcolm Stuart (United States of America), Yamaha
5. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki
6. Jason Anderson (United States of America), Husqvarna
7. Eli Tomatoes (USA), Kawasaki
8. Dylan Verandis (F), Yamaha
9. aerial Savvy (United States of America), KTM
10. Zak Osborne (United States of America), Husqvarna
11. Aaron Blessinger (United States of America), Yamaha
12. Justin Brighton (USA) Honda
13. Brook tickle (USA) Honda
14. Vince Friese (USA), Honda
15. Martin Davalos (United States of America), KTM
16. Justin Bogle (United States of America), KTM
17. Kyle Chisholm (United States of America), Yamaha
18. Carlin Gardner (USA) Honda
19. (DNF) Justin Weather in Barcelona (USA), gas gas

DNS: Chase sexton (USA) Honda

World Cup mode after round 6 of 17:

1. Ken Rockzen (D), Honda, 138
2. Cooper Web (United States of America), KTM, 122, (-16)
3. Eli Tomatoes (USA), Kawasaki, 114, (-24)
4. Adam Weather in Cianciarulo (USA), Kawasaki, 105, (-33)
5. Justin Weather in Barcelona (USA), GASGAS, 96, (-42)
6. Dylan Verandis (F), Yamaha, 96, (-42)
7. Malcolm Stuart (United States of America), Yamaha, 95, (-43)
8. Marvin Muskin (F), KTM, 94, (-44)
9. Zak Osborne (United States of America), Husqvarna, 87, (-51)
10. Aaron Blessinger (United States of America), Yamaha, 82, (-56)

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