May 21, 2024

'Martians wanted': NASA plans to run year-long simulation – Science

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Anyone who has always wanted to spend a full year on a simulated Mars site—and meets the stringent requirements—can now apply to NASA to become a “Martian.”

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Archive – Four volunteers are supposed to spend twelve months in a simulated Mars-style area.

Image: EPA/NASA/Hubble/dpa

Houston (dpa). NASA is looking for “Martians” to simulate life on the Red Planet for a year. NASA announced Friday that starting in the spring of 2025, four volunteers will spend twelve months at “Mars Dune Alpha” in Houston, Texas, a 160-square-meter simulated area modeled after Mars.

There, participants must, among other things, take care of the harvest, living area, machinery and maintenance, in addition to practicing sports. This is the second simulation of its kind that is part of NASA's “Chapea” program, which aims to prepare missions to Mars.

Anyone with a college degree in the natural sciences and at least 1,000 flight hours can apply through April 2, NASA said. In addition, applicants must be between 30 and 55 years old, “healthy and motivated,” not smoke and hold U.S. citizenship or a permanent resident permit. Usage will be compensated.

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