Marteria threatens imprisonment in the United States: Did the rapper strangle his girlfriend?

Did he strangle his girlfriend?
Marteria may be behind bars

Almost two weeks ago, the report circulated that rapper Marteria had been arrested in the United States. Now he must decide whether to stand trial. The allegations against him are very weighty, as court documents have to show.

Marteria is currently divorced. After his arrest in the United States in early April, he was initially released on bail of $5,000 (about 4,500 euros). But even then it was clear that the matter should not end yet, but that it would have legal consequences. The first court date was April 18th.

And so the time has come: on Tuesday, the Charlotte Superior Court in the US state of North Carolina will hold a first hearing on whether or not the German rapper will stand trial. It will certainly become clear what exactly happened before the musician’s arrest. Hitherto it was only known that he should have strangled and wounded a woman.

Was in a relationship for three years?

The Bild newspaper has already published the first details of the events, citing court documents said to be in its possession. In accordance with this, Marteria was arrested in Charlotte on the night of March 30th. This was preceded by a violent argument with a woman referred to as his girlfriend.

The woman is said to be a 28-year-old Colombian who is also a singer, like the rapper himself. Your name will be mentioned in the court files, the Bild newspaper writes, but without revealing your identity. There are reportedly many photos with Marteria on the alleged victim’s Instagram account.

The dispute between the alleged couple reportedly took place in a hotel room in downtown Charlotte. According to the newspaper, from the files, the hotel staff called the police for help. The woman testified that she had been in a relationship with Marteria for three years and got into a fight over his infidelity. As a result, he pushed her against a wall in the hotel room “multiple times” and finally choked her.

Police reportedly found shards of glass next to the bed, which were said to have come from a lamp that broke during the altercation, according to the report. In addition, officers are said to have noticed a bruise and redness on the woman’s neck, which may indicate that she was already strangled.

Another arrest is imminent

According to the Bild newspaper, there are now two allegations against Marteria: a violent strangulation attack and an assault on a woman. “Jail time is a possibility, especially if there is an injury,” local law firm Beaver Corey was quoted as saying.

Marteria reportedly wants to be represented by a public defender. But he himself had to appear in court – otherwise he was threatened with arrest again. A public statement from the rapper about these allegations is still pending. It is the presumption of innocence.

Born in Rostock in 1982, Marteria’s real name is Martin Lasigny. He also made a pseudonym for himself as Marcimoto. Together with rapper Yashna and singer Miss Platnum, he had a number 1 hit in Germany in 2012 with “Lila Wolken”. Marteria has been privately married to fellow musician Jado Frydanek since 2015. In 2019, the couple announced their separation.

(This article was first published on Monday, April 17, 2023.)

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