June 14, 2024

Many active holidays – in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Canada

Many active holidays – in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Canada

Hiking in the morning, canoeing in the afternoon. Or the other way around. A change of perspective makes active holidays even more diverse. Viking Risen combines hiking with canoe or kayak trips in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Canada. In Finland, you can also go biking.

Active week Skåne: forests, meadows, wilderness, water, space
An active week in Skåne, Sweden has everything active Nordland fans love: forests, meadows, woodlands, water, wooden houses with red roofs, untouched expanses. Small Viking groups discover the Skåneleden long-distance hiking network. And explore the Immeln lake system with more than 200 islands by canoe. A relaxing week-long trip, suitable for active beginners or for an in-between vacation.

Hiking, biking, canyoning – multi-active in a relaxing tour
Hiking, biking, canyoning – sounds demanding, but it’s more relaxed with Wiking Reisen. And very comfortable. This Finnish multi-activity package starts at a spacious natural wellness facility in the Saimaa Lake District. A typical Scandinavian resort is surrounded by water and mountains, with saunas and pools built into the rock and right on the lake. You can walk through Linnansari National Park, cycle to the small town of Randasalmi, and canoe through Leppaluto Lagoon. Optionally, stand-up paddling or body balance is also possible.

For Sporty: Trekking and Kayaking
For active holidaymakers, Wikinger Reisen has put together an active trekking package in the Norwegian fjord world. Including demanding 2-3-departure tours in the wilderness of Sami farmers and exciting kayak stages in the unknown Tysfjord. A real insider tip for analysts.

Hiking and canoeing in Lithuanian and Polish national parks
The active expert transforms the national parks of Lithuania and northeastern Poland into a completely green route – interrupted by blue lakes. Nature lovers can canoe across the wild river and swamp landscape of Bibrza National Park and the Sarna River. and the “Sahara of the Baltic States”, hiking in the Memel Delta through the dunes of Nida. On top of that, Klaipeda’s Old Town district has some culture.

Canada: Canoeing with Jack London
The up-close-and-personal wilderness feel, animal encounters and gold panning are popular in Canada. In the footsteps of Jack London, active vacationers enjoy Clune National Park, Dawson City and Tombstone Territorial Park – home to moose, grizzlies and black bears. A canoe tour in the Yukon is a highlight – a training session on Lake Laberge prepares the small group for this. The route is wild and adventurous but easy to drive and manageable for beginners.

Travel dates and prices 2023, e.g. B.
Walks in small groups

Active week in Skåne: 8 days from €1,758, August, min 12, max 20 participants
Active & Relaxed in the Lake Saimaa District: 15 days 2,855 euros, June to August, minimum 14, maximum 20 participants
Kayaking adventure in Northern Norway – it couldn’t be better!: EUR 2,448 from 13 days, June to August, min 8, max 12 participants
Ascending Lithuania and north-eastern Poland: 11 days from 2,308 euro, June and July, min 8, max. 20 participants
In the footsteps of Jack London – by Yukon Canoe & Canoe: 16 days 3,475 euros, June to August, minimum 8, maximum 12 participants

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Photography For active holidaymakers, Wiking Reisen has put together a multi-activity trekking package in the Norwegian fjord world – including kayak tours.

Source image and text: Viking expedition