December 1, 2023

Macron is under fire for his behavior after King Charles’ visit

After the visit of the British monarch, King Charles III. In Paris, many observers were angered by Macron’s treatment of the royal guest. Some criticize that the French president crossed the limits by touching the king.

Corresponding comments can be read on X, formerly Twitter. “Never touch the King…” Or: “The fool is Macron, who touches everyone and cannot even avoid touching the King of England.”

Macron’s warm gestures do not represent a violation of royal etiquette, and according to the Express newspaper, there are no “binding rules of conduct” when meeting the British royal family.

Richard Fitzwilliams, an expert on the monarchy, can also confirm this. “Today we see President Macron showing a very warm body language to King Charles. In 2009, Michelle Obama put her arm around Queen Elizabeth’s shoulder during President Obama’s first visit to the United Kingdom.

Fitzwilliams continues to speak out on behalf of the French head of state and against those who criticize him. “Macron has a strong personality and the way he received the king was an expression of that. You must show warmth.”

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