July 12, 2024

Lufthansa has partially reached pre-crisis levels with US flights

Lufthansa has partially reached pre-crisis levels with US flights

The US will finally open its doors to travelers from Europe in November. In Lufthansa, this led to an unexpected surge in bookings, which raised some routes to pre-crisis levels.

Cash registers are knocking at Lufthansa! Since the announcement of the opening of the US borders to European travelers, among other things, bookings to the US on the crane appear to be escalating, as aero.de mentioned. The result: additional additions to meet demand on particularly desirable routes, such as New York and Miami. Some roads have already returned to the level they were before the crisis. Seats in premium classes are particularly popular as well.

Bookings like 2019

Thanks to the opening of the US borders to European travelers, Lufthansa is currently experiencing a real boom in flight bookings to the US. Flights to New York and Miami are in such special demand that the leverage has to be increased. Some roads are even reaching pre-crisis levels due to demand. Lufthansa is in high demand, particularly in the premium classes, i.e. Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.

Last week, three times more flights were booked over the North Atlantic on single days than the previous week.

Lufthansa to increase bookings on US lines

Lufthansa Airbus A350 Special livery

Work is going so well for the crane that the routes to the United States will be augmented with additional flights. In November, three daily flights to Miami will be offered. In December, demand for flights to the United States was even higher, the crane confirmed. Flights to New York at Christmas time are especially popular, which is why this route is also supplemented with additional round-trip flights. In addition, the most recent bookings up to pre-crisis levels were:

New bookings last week for this month were just as high as they were for the same period in 2019.

Lufthansa to increase bookings on US lines

Lufthansa now offers up to 55 flights per week to New York alone. In general, the crane comes across a flight width to the United States in a way that goes beyond the entire flight width of the company’s Asia Pacific region. Other increases are also being examined on some US routes, Lufthansa explained.

Conclusion on the status of your reservation at Lufthansa

The crane rejoices at the opening of the United States to European travelers. Therefore, the demand for reservations is constantly increasing. Especially popular: New York and Miami, but also public roads to the USA, which already exceed the entire range of cranes in the Asia-Pacific region. It also appears that travelers crave more comfort, especially those who prefer seats in higher travel classes. As Lufthansa also confirms, bookings for both private and business travelers have increased.


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