Quick entry and exit: Aldi now has a supermarket without a cash register – panorama

Over the course of your life, you spend a total of several years at traffic lights or in queues. German supermarket chain Aldi is now preparing to save at least valuable time when shopping – and it’s testing a discount store without a case.

Go to the supermarket, find products from the shopping list, pack them in your bag and leave the store again. It should be that easy. Without standing in line at the bus, without paying at the bus, but without stealing. How is it supposed to work? Via an application that customers can simply install on their smartphone.

When you next enter the store, this is recorded by a tech – as is the case for whoever takes the products. On the basis of this automatic invoice generation, the amount due in the application is debited when you leave the discount tool. The pilot project according to this model will be tested at a branch in Great Britain, whose location Aldi does not want to disclose – initially by employees, and in the next step also by customers.

Giles Hurley, President of Aldi UK and Ireland, said in a press release for the supermarket giant. The concept is always progressive, but Aldi is by no means a pioneer: first, for example, British rival Tesco is testing stores that do not have a teller at its headquarters.

Second, the Aldi model is based on technology from Amazon. The US online mail order company opened its first European store in London in March with no plows required. A large number of such stores were received in the USA, which are called “Amazon Go” in the United States and “Amazon Fresh” on the island.

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