December 3, 2023

Lucerne scores big in the relegation battle

Lucerne scores big in the relegation battle

The people of Lucerne celebrate victory with the masses who traveled with them.Photo: cornerstone

Sion – Lucerne 1: 3

subordinate FC Lucerne Significantly improves his prospects, place a barrage The great league To get rid of them in the last rounds. Central Switzerland beat their direct opponent Sion 3:1 away from home.

With two rounds remaining, Lucerne are only one point behind Valais, who are clearly ahead in terms of goal difference. tied with Lucerne They are grasshoppers. The people of Zurich will play their 34th round match away from home on Thursday night against the second-placed team FC Basel out of place.

Before Dejan Surgic made it 1-0 just before halftime, Lucerne had twice come close to taking the lead. Once Sion right-back Dimitri Cavary flicked off the goal line for undefeated goalkeeper Kevin Fincher, it was the second time Vicenture blocked Dejan Sorgic’s header with a superb save. But with Sorge 1-0, Victure made a dangerous lapse. He underestimated and ran under Samuel Campo’s high cross.

12 minutes into the first half, Marvin Schulze doubled. As has often been the case in recent weeks, Mohamed Drager has made the preparatory work. The German-Tunisian defender later scored 3-0 himself. Sion’s goal was scored by Anto Djercic from a foul penalty kick shortly before the end.

For Mario Frick’s superb side, it was their fourth win in their last five games – and their first away win since a 2-1 win at Lausanne in the Round of 23. The Swiss center recently finished off Lausanne Sport, Servette and Sion in turn – the entire Italian faction in the Premier League. – With a total of 10 goals: 1.

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Sion – Lucerne 1:3 (0:1) 9600 spectators.
S. R. Shearer.
gates: 44 Surgic (Campo) 0-1. 57. Schultz (Draeger) 0: 2. 72. Drager (Gentner) 0: 3. 87. Grgic (penalty kick) 1: 3.
Sion: Victure. Pammert, Ndwi, Benito; Zofi. Kavari (Santini 62), Balthasar (Araz 87), Gregic, Itaitenga (Adrian 87); Stojelkovic, Carlin (62. Boa).
Lucerne: Miller. Dräger (83rd Sidler), Burch, Simani, Frydek; Al-Jashari. Schulze, Gentner (83. Schorpf); Campo (70 comic); Surgic (70 Kvasina), Abubakar (56 Ndiaye).
Notes: Sion without Marquinhos (suspended), Wesley, Capashi, and Fiolo (all injured). Lucerne without Ujrenck (suspension) and Mooney and Lauritz (both injured). Warnings: 13 Karelin (non-sporting), 13 Simani (non-sporting), 20 Balthazar (fault), 31 Schorpf (Lucerne, not in the match/complaint).

Serft – Lugano 2: 2

In all likelihood, Lugano will not finish the championship in the top three. Four days before the cup final, Ticino played 2-2 away against Servette despite taking the lead twice.

He saw her a long time ago Geneva After the victory of the guests. Sandy Lovrich, who was involved at the end of the first half, gave Lugano the lead for the second time that evening after 63 minutes. But Servette is within a point in extra time after the last four defeats. After studying the referee’s video, Dimitri Oberlin converted a penalty kick to make it 2-2. Not long ago, his teammate Ronnie Rodlin just hit the post.

The first two goals scored by Lugano goalkeeper Zan Sellar (10th) and Chris Bedya (52) fell from a penalty kick (both after handball in the penalty area).

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Lugano is five points behind the third-placed Young Boys by two periods remaining. Ticino’s side will have to win the cup final against St Gallen on Sunday to be able to play in Europe next season.

Servette 2-2 Lugano (0-1) 3462 spectators.
S.R. Cibelli.
Goal: 10. Sellar (penalty kick) 0:1.52. Pedia (hand penalty) 1:1.63 – Lovric (Lavanci) 1-2. 91. Oberlin (pen) 2:2.
Napkin: grits. Diallo (Farm No. 67), Voylo’s, Roeler, Clichy; Cognat, Cespedes, Valls (Ricky Eighty); Stefanovic, Pedia (67 Rodlin), Antonis (67 Oberlin).
Lugano: Usejoy. Lavanci, Hjrizzi; Durer, Yuri (Sinquini 74); Mahmud (Josipovich 80), Sabatini, Botani (Lofrik 46), Amora, Sellar (Mussa 68), Haile Selassie (Valenzuela 46).
Notes: Servette without Emery, Sasso (both suspended), Fofana, Sawadougou, Mendes and Beidat (all injured). Lugano without goalkeeper, Saybe (both suspended), Marek, Ziegler, Dabriella, Rogge, Bowman, Alicia, Guidotti, Facchinetti and Alexandre Mossi (all injured). Model 27 by Mahmoud. 88. Another shot by Rodlin. Reservations: 9. Voylo’s (handball). 21 Bhutanese (Foul) 25 Mahmoud (Fault) 45 Spatini (Fault). (rst/sda)


GC, Basel and? These clubs were already champions of Switzerland


GC, Basel and? These clubs were already champions of Switzerland

Source: Keystone / Paolo Fochini

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