July 15, 2024

Lower Austria: 22 buses are already stuck behind these BMW wipers

Lower Austria: 22 buses are already stuck behind these BMW wipers

Lower Austria

There are 22 buses already stuck behind these BMW wipers

That would be costly, because law enforcement officers have already issued nearly two dozen tickets to a BMW parked for a long time in Lower Austria.


There are 22 fines.


  • A number of buses are stuck behind the BMW windshield wipers.

  • There are now 22 fines.

  • The car has been there for a long time.

A man who regularly visits his family members in Lower Austria. Over the past few weeks, he has made a strange discovery in their neighborhood. The windshield of a parked BMW is covered in traffic violations. Every time he passes by there, there are a few others. For a family man this would be an absolute nightmare. On Saturday he finally stopped for a moment to count speeding tickets.

“I was horrified. The driver with the Vienna number plate has to bring up a total of 22 tickets. 27 euros each buses.» The man suspects that the owner of the vehicle is currently on vacation and may not have noticed the new short-term parking area.

In fact, a comprehensive short-term parking zone was set up in the city at the beginning of August. Parking is now only allowed for three hours at a time. Anything beyond that will be punished. “The car should have been here since at least August 1st. I really hope the handlebars are back soon. 22 tickets are definitely enough!”

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