December 8, 2023

Liverpool star Salah is attacked by his fans

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Shocking scenes in the World Cup qualifier match between Egypt and Sierra Leone. Fans rush onto the field towards Mohamed Salah with different intentions.

Monrovia – While qualifying for the 2024 European Championship has not yet been completed in Europe, African teams are already selecting participants for the 2026 World Cup in Canada, Mexico and the USA. Since November 15, not only Bundesliga players such as Sebastien Haller (Ivory Coast) and Omar Marmoush (Egypt) have been vying for a place in the finals, but also Liverpool star Mohamed Salah.

Al-Masry faced Sierra Leone in the second round of Group A qualifiers. On the evening of November 19, the attacking force of Liverpool FC was exposed to things that forced the army into action.

Mohamed Salah played the first qualifying matches for the 2026 World Cup with Egypt © IMAGO/Photo M.Bayoumy/SFSI

Touching scenes during the World Cup qualifiers between Sierra Leone and Egypt

It was the 89th minute of the match at Samuel Canyon Doe Stadium in the Liberian capital Monrovia when a handful of fans suddenly invaded the field. The match, which was being held in neighboring Sierra Leone, had to be stopped due to the lack of alternative stadiums. It appears that the target of the attackers was the star Mohamed Salah.

But none of the quickly running spectators could reach Salah. The first person in the stadium was brutally dragged to the ground by security forces, where he received several more severe blows. Another ran straight into the arms of security, while the third pushed away Egyptian Mohamed Abdel Moneim, who intervened.

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Salah may have been attacked for different reasons

It seemed that what each person was seeking was of a different nature. While the person who was mistreated by security forces may have wanted to honor Salah – he was wearing a Liverpool shirt – the second person, who was wearing a Manchester City shirt, may have had the opposite intention.

Something similar can be assumed for the last of the three rioters, as he immediately sought physical confrontation. Fortunately, Salah himself remained completely unharmed, also because members of the Egyptian coaching staff immediately rushed onto the pitch and protected their star.

After the match, the army checks on Salah’s safety

After the situation calms down, the game can continue. Except for the second yellow and red card for Sierra Leone in the ninth minute of stoppage time, there were no other surprises. After the 2-0 win, the “Pharaohs” occupy first place in their group with the highest number of points.

After the final whistle, the situation remained calm, but those responsible for security were alerted. A crowd of people in military uniform gathered around Salah, who then escorted him safely off the field. (sh)