October 4, 2023

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams compete with Chelsea

Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams compete with Chelsea

Two of the world’s biggest sports stars are investing millions of pounds in a consortium that wants to acquire Chelsea: Sir Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams belong, according to information from Sky News To the group about former Liverpool team boss and British Airways, Sir Martin Bruton. Sources close to the group said that the Briton and the American – the most prominent members of the remaining three unions – each pledged an estimated 10 million pounds for the offer.

Both Hamilton and Williams have established themselves as investors in recent years: Serena Ventures, the tennis star’s venture capital fund, this week announced an investment in Opensponsorship, a UK-based sports tech startup. Hamilton has already backed a number of startups such as Zapp (a fast food delivery app). Impressive details: The Briton is actually an Arsenal fan.

The consortium is the only British-led consortium of the three selected bidders and includes another British sports icon in Lord Sebastian Coe, President of the World Association of Athletics Federations.

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