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Lewis Hamilton: That's why he's standing in front of TV expert Naomi Schiff

Lewis Hamilton: That’s why he’s standing in front of TV expert Naomi Schiff

Updated on 06/27/2022 at 16:51

  • Naomi Schiff works for Sky as an expert and is regularly insulted online.
  • Now the Formula 1 drivers have stood by their side, most notably Lewis Hamilton.
  • The Mercedes star is committed to an integrated and diverse field circuit anyway.

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Lewis Hamilton had no other choice. Because the British themselves know very well how widespread hate is on the Internet. How painful it is, how unnecessary it is, and how important it is to fight it. So he immediately jumped next to Naomi Schiff and used his hand to stand in front of the 28-year-old Belgian.

Recently in Canada, he made a fiery appeal for more diversity and against bullying. “I know what it means to be a victim of online hate and there is no place for that,” Hamilton said. “Male has dominated this sport for far too long and we still have to work hard to improve representation and provide opportunities for women at all levels – in teams and in sports.”

Schiff has been working as a pundit for Britain’s Sky TV since this season, and she’s also co-director of “Any Driven Monday” – and she has had to come under regular criticism. Unfortunately, he often misses the point and falls below the belt and instead is directed against them as a person. Because she’s a woman, because she claims to have no idea, either together or because hate is having a bad day – internet hate doesn’t need any valid or understandable reasons to reveal.

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There are no brilliant achievements

Schiff has not celebrated any impressive successes in motorsport. Among others, she drove in Formula Volkswagen South Africa, in Formula Renault Asia, in the Renault Clio Cup in China, which she won in 2014. In 2018, she took the title in the KTM GT4 X-Bow Battle Championship. She also started in the 24 Hours and in the W Series. A highly respected profession, which is now over. She definitely has enough experience to put herself in the shoes of a racing driver.

However, the instigators deprive her of the ability to analyze Formula 1 and its stars such as Max Verstappen or Hamilton and judge their performance.

But it is precisely Hamilton & Co. who appreciates Schiff, who sticks to her. “There is still a long way to go to change this way of thinking about the sport,” Hamilton said. As he sees the big picture, the fight against bullying, hate and hate speech and for greater diversity and equality.

No significant progress yet

The 37-year-old can already see progress, at Mercedes, for example, there has been a rethink, and as a result “a massive increase in women, especially in marketing and human resources. Now more young women and girls should be encouraged to pursue MINT topics.” (Mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, editor’s note) and give them the opportunity to do that,” says Hamilton. Hannah Schmitz, chief strategist at Red Bull Racing, shows that women can also occupy senior management positions on racing teams.

But of course there are many. Therefore, Hamilton is working in the background with Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali and the FIA ​​on a better environment, on a diverse and integrated circuit. One thing is clear: There is still plenty to do, Hamilton complains. “We’ve been talking about this for a while and you don’t see much of a difference when you’re behind the camera or walking around the ring. It hasn’t changed as much as I would have liked,” he said.

Naomi represents the fans

That’s why someone like Schiff is important to diversity efforts because “having Naomi on board is so important to representing the sport and I think she’s doing an amazing job,” Hamilton said. “I tried to encourage her to continue in the same way because it represented a lot.” This is another reason why Hamilton has no choice but to stand up to the 28-year-old.

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