October 5, 2023

Formula 1 at Silverstone: Verstappen still has unfinished business - cars and formula 1

Formula 1 at Silverstone: Verstappen still has unfinished business – cars and formula 1

Let’s get on with Formula 1! The Silverstone Grand Prix takes place this weekend.

A contact between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen (24) at the 2021 Grand Prix caused the Dutchman to fly at more than 250 km/h and hit the track barrier. Despite Hamilton receiving a penalty, he won the race – and Verstappen had to watch from the hospital as his rival celebrated with the British flag. So there is still an open invoice here!

Sunday Race (July 3, 4 p.m.) Free practice and qualifying Watch the live broadcast with Sky (ads). SPORT BILD provides you with all the information about the Silverstone Grand Prix.

This is the schedule

date + time Events result
Friday 1 July – 14 o’clock 1. Free practice
Friday July 1 – 17 2. Free practice
Saturday 2 July – 13 3. Free practice
Saturday 2 July – 4 pm habilitation
Sunday July 3 – 4 pm Silverstone Grand Prix

How to watch Silverstone race weekend live on TV

with the Sky Pay TV (Announcement) You can watch Silverstone’s Race Weekend live on TV. Via Sky Go and WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) you can also catch up on all of the race weekend’s action in live streaming.

This is the way


Photo: BILD infographic I Map Based: Maps4News.com/HERE

This Grand Prix is ​​an integral part of the racing calendar. Besides Italy, the British Grand Prix is ​​the only race that has always taken place since the inception of Formula 1. Although the tracks have changed over the years, none have been more driven than the legendary Silverstone circuit near London. Convenient: In 1950, the first Formula 1 race was held here.

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It took five years before an Englishman could win his first home Grand Prix: Stirling Moss 1955 († 90) in a Mercedes. Convenient: The combination of the two dominates what is currently happening.

No driver has won more British Grand Prix than Lewis Hamilton (37). Hamilton has already racked up eight wins. In addition to the exceptional talent of the British, this is made possible above all by the Mercedes, which perfectly fits the long curves.

Some of these engines must be driven at nearly full speed (Magots and Becketts curves at about 300 km/h). But that doesn’t make it easier, on the contrary: hitting the curves perfectly and staying on the perfect line is essential, each steering movement can cost tenths of a value.

This is the path data

  • Starting time: 4pm CET (3pm local time)
  • Qualification: 4pm CET (3pm local time)
  • Route length: 5.891 km
  • Race distance (52 laps): 306.198 km
  • Fastest lap of the race: 1:27.097 (2020)
  • Fastest qualifying lap: 1:24.303 (2020)
  • Number of wins in pole position: 20
  • Top speed: 319 km/h
  • Average speed: 231 km/h
  • Vehicle safety probability: 54%
  • Distance to the first corner: 420 m
  • Maximum acceleration force: 4.8 g
  • Curves over 250 km/h: 7
  • Curves under 100 km/h: 1
  • Speed ​​change per lap: 48
  • Full throttle share: 67%
  • Longest full throttle part: 13.7 seconds
  • Braking rate per lap: 15%