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Lakers striker Nando Egenberger is finished. But things didn’t always go so well in his career.

With 11 points in 9 matches, Nando Eggenberger is third in the league in the scorers’ standings. Only Langnaus Jesper Olofsson has scored more goals (9) than the Lakers striker (7). Eggenberger’s shape curve showed a sharp upward trend last season, having had a forgettable season at HCD.

I discovered for myself that nothing beats training.

After returning from a year in the junior league in Canada with high expectations, Eggenberger did not find the kick at all in Davos. In the meantime, he was even ported over to the Ticino Rockets farm team in the Swiss League. The 21-year-old was blocked and asked for help.

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So he called a mindset coach, but “It just didn’t work for me. I definitely helped many others, but I had to work it out myself. I knew I was strong enough in my head.”

Changing the club as a way out of misery

As the situation was unsatisfactory for all involved, Graubünden agreed to terminate the contract prematurely. Eggenberger moved to the Lakers during the season. The change in the air was clearly good for the Chur driver. In Rapperswil he gained confidence, so he found confidence in his abilities again.

The key to success sounds trite: “I discovered for myself that nothing beats training. If you want to achieve something, you have to do it over and over again.”

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You can find out who was a role model for Eggenberger on his way back to his old power and how he now looks back on a difficult time after returning from North America in the audio article above.

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