Koei Tecmo wants a crossover game between Super Mario and Dynasty Warriors for the future – Ntower

July 27, 2021 Become Coy Tecmo Its latest work Samurai Warriors 5 Nintendo Switch device. In line with this soon to be celebrated celebration Hisashi kinumaKoei Tecmo President, gave a short interview. He’s been asked many questions about the current Warriors games, which should get Nintendo fans in particular to sit back and take notice.

He was asked what Musou would like to see in person in the future if he had every imaginable video game series to choose from. Interestingly, here it fell on Super Mario universe. He also added that if a series acted as an action game, it would definitely be a Musou game.


If the series worked as an action game, that would definitely be possible. I have no ideas how to achieve this, but I think Mario would be my choice.

In the recent past, the developers at Koei Tecmo have already released some exciting crossovers like Hyrule Warriors: A Time of DesolationAnd the Fire Warriors emblem or Persona 5 Strikers For Nintendo Hybrid Console. The future is still exciting compared to more alliterations.

Do you want Super Mario Warriors? Which Nintendo series could you imagine as Musou?

Source: jpgames.de

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