December 1, 2023

King Charles in Kenya: Video shows rare moment with Queen Camilla

Since 22 September 2022, he has been Charles III. The monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as 14 other sovereign states known as the Commonwealth monarchies. On Tuesday (October 31), King Charles III. I have now arrived in Kenya.

The 74-year-old, accompanied by his wife Queen Camilla, made the long trip to honor the East African nation with a state visit. The royal family members want to stay in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, for several days. Pictures that the royal family now has of the arrival of Charles III. Camila’s post in Africa is making fans look twice.

It seems that King Charles and Camilla are unusually close

Grand receptions, perfectly organized appearances, countless crowds – these are the conditions in which public appearances of members of the royal family usually take place. In contrast, the latest images of King Charles III appear. And Camilla to him are complete strangers. King Charles sits relaxed on the plane, his gray hair slicked back. Another seat is Queen Camilla, who also seems unfazed. The royal couple travels to Kenya on their private plane and uses the long flight time to read important information in folders provided to them.

In such a special position you get King Charles III. Camilla was rarely seen. The relaxing moment on the plane is shared through the royal family’s Instagram account with their thirteen million followers. The video says: “The King and Queen are traveling to Kenya today before their official visit, which begins tomorrow.” On his trip, King Charles III appears to be in Kenya. He likes to have a cappuccino and a bottle of water, the empty containers are on the small table next to his seat.

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Also a fan of King Charles III. And Queen Camilla is happy with the ideas behind the scenes. One follower commented on the royal family’s post, saying: “I hope their Majesties have a wonderful time in Kenya.” Another fan wrote: “I’m really happy about that!” The king looks so adorable when he reads his important papers. “Royal fans seem to be happy with the photos from the couple’s trip.

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Finally came the reassuring news: King Charles III. Queen Camilla landed safely in Kenya. The first photos of the grand reception can already be found on the royal family’s Instagram profile.