June 19, 2024

King Charles III: This is behind the 'red box'

King Charles III: This is behind the ‘red box’

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) was less than a week ago, but King Charles III. (73) He should take over his mother’s business smoothly and turn to the royal business. An integral part of his daily business is kept in the so-called “red box”.

This is the British Regents’ Red Box.

The Red Box contains important and updated papers from UK government ministers and other Commonwealth representatives for submission. The private secretary, who prioritizes the day-to-day business of the king, decides the contents of the box.

Maintaining composure is the number one rule in the British royal family. But in the video you can see how the feelings of the family overcame their feelings at the funeral.

King Charles III can be photographed for the first time during official activities

Wherever King Charles is, the sealed box will be sent to him wherever he may be. For the first time, the new British Guardian was depicted with this “red box”. He can be seen on his desk at Buckingham Palace with the box at his side. Next to him is a black and white photo of his parents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (99).

Charming shots of the Queen with the “Red Box”

In addition to the current photo, the palace has also published magical snapshots of the Queen with the “Red Box”. It was received by Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1952. The lockable box was made especially for her by luxury manufacturer Barrow Hepburn & Gale.

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The Red Box is a constant companion to British leaders

Almost every day of the year, the chest was with the late queen, containing information about important tasks and laws awaiting signature. It was also followed by the “red box” on weekends and public holidays. The only exception: Christmas.

The Queen’s son has been preparing for this mission for 73 years. As the new guardian of Britain, the “Red Box” will now be the permanent companion of King Charles.