October 5, 2023

Kate Bush after her chart success: 'The world has gone crazy'

Kate Bush after her chart success: ‘The world has gone crazy’

Kate Bush (archive photo, 1985) Photo: Photo Alliance / Geisler-Fotopress

from BZ / dpa

British singer Kate Bush has expressed surprise at her surprising belated success on the chart.

Her song “Running Up That Hill”, released in 1985, played the lead in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and has been breaking into the charts since the release of the current season. “It’s incredible,” Bush said in an interview with the BBC on Wednesday. “It’s a great series. I thought the song would get some attention. But I could never have imagined something like that.”

According to UK official charts company, the 63-year-old has set a record for the time it took for a song to reach number one on the UK charts since its release – 37 years. Also in Germany and the United States, the song took fourth place.

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“It’s kind of shocking,” said Bush, very aloof. “The world has gone crazy.” But she was impressed by how unique the song was incorporated into the series “Stranger Things” and that it played an important role, “a kind of spell”, of one of the main characters. She is also happy that her music is now reaching a “whole new audience”. Now people were hearing her song who had never heard of it before.


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