September 29, 2023

June heat - 35.5 degrees on Saturday and the heat continues - Meteo

June heat – 35.5 degrees on Saturday and the heat continues – Meteo


The current heat wave is expected to peak at the end of this week. Already on Saturday there were 35.5 degrees in Basel. This is the highest temperature this year north of the Alps, and temperatures are expected to be similar on Sunday, but may rise more in the regions of Fuhn.

The current heat wave is expected to peak at the end of this week. Already on Saturday there were 35.5 degrees in Basel. This is the hottest temperature so far this year north of the Alps. However, 36.6 degrees were not reached on Friday in Biaca. Similar temperatures are expected on Sunday.

In the Friday the highest level in June in the south

The value of 36.6 degrees in Biaca is considered the absolute highest value for the southern side of the Alps in June. So far, the record for the south side for June comes from the hot summer of 2003. At the time, 36.5 degrees were measured in Gronaud, in Grisons, Messoux. However, it is difficult to classify the standard temperature in Biasca, since data has only been available at this measurement point since September 2017. Biasca is located at the southern exit of Leventina and the Blenio Valley, and is generally characterized by very high temperatures. In Gronaud, on the other hand, “only” 33.9 degrees were measured on Friday, otherwise temperatures in the south were mostly between 31 and 32 degrees.


Locarno / TI

Temperatures with Foyen north reached 31.3 degrees in Locarno on Friday.

Irene Eichhorn

Likewise hot again on Sunday

High rises between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius are again expected on Sunday. In the Alps there is also a south Fohn wind. So it’s not impossible to reach the 37-degree mark in the afternoon. This means a new record for the month of June in our country. Temperatures at the beginning of next week will continue to exceed 30 degrees. However, it should not suffice for absolute maximum values.

Cloudless Lake Walen



On Saturday it was clear in many places for a long time.

Peter Escher

What is the highest temperature for June so far?

In the official statistics of the State Weather Service, the temperature of 36.9 on June 27, 1947 in Basel is still recorded as record. However, the measurement technology at that time was completely different and could not be compared with today’s devices. With previous measurement technology, the maximum temperatures were automatically higher. During the last June heatwave in 2019, 36.9 degrees were also measured in Sion on June 28 and up to 37.0 degrees on June 30. However, these values ​​were later corrected down, because the terminal at Sion Airport no longer corresponds to the international reference.

View of Märjelensee.


Fiescheralp / Märjelensee.

It snowed pretty much in the Alps. No wonder the zero degree limit is about 4300 metres.

Klaus Meining

It’s not yet the hottest time of the year

Absolute maximum temperatures in June are rather rare. The hottest phase of the year is usually only reached during the dog days between July 23 and August 23. If you analyze the annual highs in Switzerland in the twenty-first century closely, you can see that the annual highs occurred nine times in July, eight times in August and only five times in June, and the absolute highs were also evident in July and August that they were higher than in June . For August, the absolute maximum is 41.5 degrees (2003) and in July it was 39.7 degrees (2015). Current temperatures are rather modest.

Where does heat come from?


Day, there is a low pressure area off the Portuguese Atlantic coast, which should have been the classic Azores Peak at this point in time. The result is that the southern currents have repeatedly managed to reach the Alps from Spain in recent weeks. This triggered the hot days in Switzerland about a month ago. Spain has been suffering from continuous heat for days. In the Seville-Córdoba region, temperatures are almost constant around 40 degrees with maximum values ​​of 43 degrees. As the area of ​​low pressure is now shifting towards Biscay, this heat is now moving towards the Alps. Since the sun is not quite as steep here as it is in Spain, the maximum temperatures are not quite as high. On Saturday, the center of the heat shifted from southern Spain to southwestern France. 43 degrees were measured in Biarritz. But there were also 37 degrees near the Swiss border, for example in Colmar in Alsace.

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