June 22, 2024

dolomite;  Another big rockfall occurred on Marmolada.

dolomite; Another big rockfall occurred on Marmolada.

On the Marmolada in the Dolomites, there was another large boulder.

Autonomous Province of Trento

Once again, a major rockslide occurred in Marmolada in Italy. Already on July 3, an avalanche claimed the lives of eleven people here. More landslides are now feared.

In the Dolomites, a large rockfall fell from the Marmolada. Rescue workers flew over the area shortly after Tuesday afternoon to rule out possible victims, The Autonomous Province of Trento declared.

On Wednesday, when asked, a spokesman said it was not clear why the rocks were cut. The rocks fell on a cliff with a height of about 3000 meters and in a hard-to-reach area. According to the Italian authorities, the mountaineers were not affected because none of the trails they normally use were affected.

As reported by ANSA news agency, the risk of further rockfalls is high. Inspection in the immediate vicinity was prohibited by order.

On July 3, 11 people died on the highest mountain in the Dolomites compared to the hills that are about 300 meters high. Cut off a piece of the glacier Many climbers are buried. Eight people were injured at that time. Experts attributed the collapse of glaciers to the consequences of climate change. Previously, the area was much warmer than usual.

Several dead and injured after glacier collapse in Italy

The avalanche occurred in Marmolada, the highest mountain in the Dolomites at an altitude of more than 3,300 meters.