February 24, 2024

Joe Biden has been disinvited from the memorial event!

September marks the anniversary of the assassination attempt World Trade Center In New York for the twentieth time. To mark the event, relatives want to commemorate the victims at an event, but they don’t want the most powerful man in the United States to be there.

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Joe Biden

September 11 is one of the most tragic days in American history. Many attackers directed passenger planes into the country’s most important buildings, including the Pentagon in Washington, DC. And in the Twin Towers in the heart of New York.

A day no one will soon forget

In addition to those on the planes and buildings, many firefighters and police also fell victim to the consequences of this crime.

In 2021, it will be 20 years since so many people lost loved ones. In light of this, relatives are planning to hold a memorial service in honor of all those who died.

The most important man in the United States shouldn’t be there

The most powerful man in the United States certainly could not be missed at such an important event. It is now known that the organizers have written a letter to US President Joe Biden in which they will deny him attendance at the event if he does not comply with their demands completely.

During the campaign, Biden promised relatives that he would review any September 11-related cases involving classified government files. The president has not yet implemented this promise.

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No indulgence

The patience of those affected has now reached its end. the Washington Post The letter was reportedly signed by several people close to the victims, which, in addition to revealing state secrets, explains Saudi Arabia’s connection to the attacks.

The letter’s authors make clear that they have long hoped that President Biden would finally put justice for the victims and the truth about 9/11 above the interests of Saudi Arabia.

The allegations were dismissed

Even during Donald Trump’s term, the government deceived and disappointed survivors with false promises.

A White House spokeswoman denied the accusations against the current president. This is how it should be, this is how it should be Washington Post Reports indicate that there have been numerous meetings between officials and families of victims in the past.

It remains the highest priority to address these incidents and obtain satisfactory results. It remains to be seen when the two sides will agree to a compromise and whether President Biden will be present at the deadline.