June 24, 2024

Jessica Chastain supports strikes in Hollywood

Venice (dpa) – American actress Jessica Chastain wants to support the goals of the strikers by attending the Venice Film Festival. The 46-year-old said she was “incredibly nervous” about coming to Venice in light of the strikes. She added that some people on her team advised her not to. Until recently, it was unclear whether the Oscar winner would travel to Venice.

Screenwriters and union actors in the United States have been on strike for several months in the fight for better wages and rules for dealing with artificial intelligence. And not many American stars came to the film festival for this reason.

In Venice, Chastain can be seen in the competition film “Memory” by Michel Franco. Like other small productions, the film received an American Guild exemption to advertise despite the strikes. The basic condition is that the production company supports the strikers’ demands.

“I hope my presence today will encourage other independent producers and actors to come forward and support our union members,” Chastain said.

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