July 16, 2024

Jennifer Lopez tore up the “Let’s Get Loud” signal during Biden’s inauguration

Jennifer Lopez tore up the “Let’s Get Loud” signal during Biden’s inauguration

While Jennifer Lopez Received A great deal of praise For her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, there was one moment that left viewers baffled.

The 51-year-old multi-layered man took to the stage to perform “This Land Is Your Land” and “Beautiful America.”

As her performance drew to a close, the star sang the lyrics of “Let’s Get Loud” – the Megahit of the same name – before returning to the ending of “This Land is Your Land.”

The personal touch elicited a lot of negative reactions from viewers – many of whom suspected Lopez was using the opening to promote her brand.

Jennifer Lopez’s opening performance is highly praised for delivering her “This land is your land”

“Nah, I’m crying, laughing at it, let’s hear it loud,” Viewer wrote on Twitter.

I’m no more than J if I shout, ‘Let’s rise loud’ amid patriotic songs, Another said.

Another wrote: “Jennifer had to throw LETS GET LOUD in the middle of that tune,” Add a series of emoji to the skull.

Fourth note: “Gaga is dressed as the Patron of the Hunger Games. J Lu’s job, Let’s Loud, This Land is Your Land. Everything about this is very extra.”

Jennifer Lopez ‘nervous’ about the performance at the Biden-Harris opening, claims Alex Rodriguez

When J Lo delivered “Let’s Turn Up” for no reason while singing, Viewer said.

Another saidMiss JLO ………. Let’s hear it out loud? At the inauguration ceremony?

Another viewer built a silly joke about it.

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“……. Grandpa Aaron?” They wrote in a two-way conversation style. “Yes, little kids?” Would you tell us, when Jennifer Lopez shoved in, let’s make a loud voice with This Earth Is Your Land at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States.

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Lopez’s representatives did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment

“Let’s Get Loud,” often considered one of Lopez’s most popular songs, was featured on her 1999 debut studio album, “On the 6.” It was originally co-written by Gloria Estefan.

The song peaked at number 39 on Billboard Charts In 2000 and spent 4 weeks on the charts.

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Melody made headlines nearly a year ago when Lopez performed it as Duet with her 11-year-old daughter Amy during the Super Bowl halftime show.