June 24, 2024

Jacob Fager in Hundreds of Hundreds of Misfortune - Canoe

Jacob Fager in Hundreds of Hundreds of Misfortune – Canoe

Jacob Feiger missed a medal.

Winning the first medal in the General Class Slalom Skating Championship was within reach of Jacob Fegger (22) from Chyna on Friday. In the end, a hundredth of a second was crucial.

In the individual kayak team competition, Great Britain snatched the bronze medal from Giovanni de Gennaro, Christian de Dionigi and Jacob Feger (90.86) by a hundredth of a second in 90.85 seconds. Both teams got two seconds from the penalty kick hit by a goal, and Italy on the second goal. Gold went to the Czech Republic (88.54), and the silver went to Germany (90.16), for each of them with a second penalty kick.

Matthias Feger and his teammates Felix Auschmutz and Mario Leitner arrived in 93.04 seconds, 4 of which were penalties for touching gates 3, 6 and 7 for Austria. Mario, who assigned us a medal, “laments Matthias Fager.

It continues on Saturday

On Saturday morning, Jacob Fager will compete in the semifinals in Ivrea in a solo kayak. The top 10 players made it to the final round, which will be held in the afternoon. After finishing 30th in the qualifiers, Shinner has to speed up and above all to stay without a penalty for touching a goal if he wants to reach his goal in the European Championship and qualify for the final round. Jacob Feiger has fond memories of the canal in Ivrea, where he was named U-23 World Champion in his kayak solo in 2018.

On Saturday evening, Matthias Feijer wants to qualify in the extreme slalom of the quarter-finals on Sunday at Boater Cross. The fastest number 16 holder has reached the quarter-finals.

Single kayak, men, team race

1. Czech Republic 88.54 seconds / 2 penalty seconds
2. Germany 90.16 / 2
3- Great Britain 90.85 / 2
4. Italien (Giovanni De Gennaro, Christian De Dionigi, Jakob Weger) 90.86 / 2
5- Slovakia 92.11 / 2
6- Slovenia 92.93 / 4
7. Austria (Felix Auschmutz, Mario Leitner, Matthias Feiger) 93.04 / 4.

The rest of the EM program

Saturday May 8
11:15 am: K1 men’s semi-final with Jacob Feiger
2:41 pm: Final in K1 Men’s
5:30 p.m.: Qualify in men’s extreme slalom with Matthias Feiger

Sunday May 9
3:52 PM: The Men Boat Race Extreme Slalom Finals

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