July 15, 2024

Italy can play the World Cup without worries – national teams

Italy can play the World Cup without worries – national teams

Angelo Miceli (left) and Marco Rosa of Calturn are among the Azure pillars. © fisg

The Italian national team will play the First Division World Cup in Riga at the end of May. Now the game plan has been announced – and a change of rule should satisfy Italy.

Italy is in District B and will play their matches in Arena Riga. At the beginning of May 21 there will be a duel with Germany. In the days that followed, matches followed against Norway (Sunday 23 May), Latvia (Monday 24 May), Finland (Thursday 27 May) and Kazakhstan (Saturday 29 May), before the two teams finished their grueling assignments against Canada. (Sunday, May 30) and the United States (Tuesday, June 1) there.

It is already clear that there will be no relegation at the World Cup. Since all world championships in the lower categories have been suspended for this year, the IIHF has decided that no team should withdraw from the first division. So Italy will continue to participate with the best national ice hockey teams in the world in 2022. Greg Ireland’s team don’t have to worry about relegation this year.

Table of the World Cup in Italy

Friday, May 21: Italy-Germany
Sunday 23 May: Italy-Norway
Monday, May 24: Italy-Latvia
Thursday, May 27: Italy-Finland
Saturday, May 29: Italy-Kazakhstan
Sunday, May 30: Italy-Canada
Tuesday, June 1: Italy vs the United States

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