October 4, 2023

"It makes sense to provide reinforcements after three months."

“It makes sense to provide reinforcements after three months.”

Biontech co-founder and CEO Ugur Sahin endorses a booster vaccine after three months. (Archives)

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Ugur Sahin, founder of Biontech, endorses the use of a booster after only three months due to the Omikron variant. It is also believed that a fourth dose will be necessary after a short time.

Ugur Sahin became one of the founders of Biontech interview Clarified with the “Spiegel” news magazine to update the information three months after the second vaccination. Regarding the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus, Shaheen said, “Two doses of vaccination have not yet been completed with sufficient protection.” If Omikron continues to expand aggressively, says Shaheen, “it makes scientific sense to have one after only three months.” booster To view “.

Shaheen said it has not yet been decided whether Biontech will produce a new vaccine specially adapted to Omikron. A booster dose with the original vaccine could also be sufficient: “According to preliminary data, it is clear that three doses neutralize the virus and should protect the vaccine.”

A fourth dose is needed soon

However, Shaheen expects a fourth dose to follow in a relatively short period of time: “The fourth vaccination could also be a vaccine adapted to the omicron variant.” This is why Biontech is already working to increase its production capacity to around four billion cans next year.

According to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), booster vaccinations against Covid-19 can already be given after three months – regardless of the current recommendation that they be given after six months.

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The European Union authorities consider the vaccination safe after three months

Currently available data indicate a safe and effective booster dose as early as three months after completion of the initial series, EMA Vaccination Strategy Director Marco Cavalieri told the media Thursday in Amsterdam. Such a short distance would be possible if it was “desirable from a public health point of view”.

In Switzerland, it is still recommended that the third stitch be taken six months after the second.