Is the sequel still to come?

Mike Myers in Austin Powers (c) New Line Cinema

As Austin Powers, Mike Myers was the sexiest thing Her Majesty did for three movies at the time. It’s been 20 years since Part Three, but fans are still wondering if there will be another sequel. The movie star himself has now offered a hidden answer to this question…

Mike Myers was inThe Jess Cagle Show” from SiriusXM Guest to do some promotions for the new Netflix comedy The Pentaverate. The Canadian comedian was also asked about a possible sequel to him.Austin Powerstrilogy, which was last discussed about four years ago when a script was said to be in the works.

But so far, Myers has been avoiding the spotlight on “Austin Powers 4‘ Fears: ‘I’d like to do another partHe says, hesitating a little before he continues:I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, whether it exists or not.Sounds like proxy code for: Something’s still going on.

Mike Myers, formerly known as “Saturday Night Live“or”Wayne’s world“He was known, he also took in”Austin PowersSeveral roles. On the one hand, there is the intrusive but lovable title hero, who unparalleled the embodiment of the 1960s free love movement, as well as many free-lance lovers, finding time to be the UK’s best spy.

But every Bond needs his own Blofeld, which is why he’s also Austin’s antagonist, Dr. Evil, who slips through his fingers again at the beginning of the first movie and escapes 30 years in the future. There he hopes that all this hippie nonsense will finally come to an end and that his evil plans will finally come to fruition. Austin goes cold to follow his ’90s opponent, but not Dr. It is the outdated evil plans of evil that are causing him the biggest problem, but the society that has not left its mark on the excessive capitalism of the eighties and the pessimism of the age of grunge.

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Fun fact: The time lag between the spy comedy’s premiere and today is now roughly the same length as between the British agent’s stints in the 1960s and his new home in the ’90s.

at “pentagramAs of this week, Myers plays a Canadian television reporter who follows the machinations of a secret Illuminati-like organization, also filming its bosses, among other things. You can find our comedy demo review here.

This is an excerpt from what was mentioned at the beginning.The Jess Cagle Show“:

Austin Powers (Blu-ray)

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