December 2, 2023

Is the incision a hypocrite?  Criticism of the Minister

Is the incision a hypocrite? Criticism of the Minister

“I’ve seen a lot of hypocrisy over the years, but this is the crown,” Alberta’s Energy Minister Sonia Savage slammed Sebastian’s cut on Twitter yesterday. A racer sponsored by Aston Martin and sponsored by Saudi Aramco complained that the oil sands were going too far.

The man from Hebbenheim was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Stop Stop Tar Sand Excavation” written on Friday. Below is a pipeline and one-liner image: “Climate Crime in Canada.” At a news conference on Friday, Vettel also announced that he would like to set an example with his helmet. The minister in particular was struck by: the large Aramco characters in the green Aston Martin team kit, remember.

During his time at Red Bull, Vettel was more concerned with world championships than climate protection. –Photo: LAT Images

Environmental protection against passion: the conflict of interest of the cut

According to Greenpeace, tar sand extraction, the extraction of oil from a mixture of clay and sand, is far more harmful to the environment than conventional oil mining. Large areas of ancient forests, among others, are being cleared to make way for the oil sand layer at a depth of about 30 meters. The situation is similar in the Canadian province of Alberta. Vettel accuses Canada of climate crime and warns future generations to think about it. Alberta’s Energy Minister Savage immediately tweeted, referring to Aston Martin’s title sponsor Aramco in his review.

Saudi Aramco is a large oil company and one of the largest contributors to climate change, accounting for 4% of global carbon emissions. In addition to its involvement with Aston Martin, Aramco is one of Formula 1’s major sponsors.

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The Minister said that while protecting the tar sand mining in Alberta, everyone should take better care of their own ecological clue. Finally, he offered another piece of advice to the cut: “Maybe a pedal bike for Formula 1?”

This is not the first charge against Vettel for hypocrisy

During the British talk show “Question Time” on the BBC television channel, the four-time Formula 1 world champion was also addressed by the presenter on the subject a few weeks ago. Wouldn’t he be a hypocrite to draw attention to environmental issues, while driving in Formula 1, “probably the most fossil sport in the world”? At the time, Vettel replied that racing was his greatest interest, but he questioned his work every day. “Do we really have to do this to travel around the world and waste resources?”