November 28, 2023

Into the future: a new business unit for Germany and Northern Europe at Beam Suntory

Into the future: a new business unit for Germany and Northern Europe at Beam Suntory

Personnel changes and a new business unit ray centauri Germanhland: Nicole Ahlanwhich was previously active in Germany and Austria, will now become the new business unit Germany and Northern Europe (which also includes Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries).

Nicole Ellen came 2013 To Beam Suntory, for example 2015 She worked as Marketing Director for Germany and Austria. where 2017 It has also supported the management of the premium spirits business in France, Italy, the Benelux, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Iceland as well as its distribution business in the United Kingdom and Spain. 2019 Before that I became the General Manager of Germany and Austria 2020 He took over the newly created German-Austria business unit – from which it is now progressing.

There are also some other changes in filling relevant positions, as you can see from the following press information:

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Into the Future: The New Business Unit for Germany and Northern Europe at Beam Suntory – Nicole Ellen as Managing Director

FRANKFURT – Beam Suntory, one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium spirits, will add additional countries from Central and Northern Europe to its successful Germany/Austria business unit from 1 April 2022 and combine them into one operating unit. Nicole Ellen, previously responsible for the Germany/Austria business unit as Managing Director, will be responsible for this newly formed group, which, in addition to the DACH region, includes the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia. The stated aim of the reorganization, which will be implemented from 1 April, is to create more synergy between countries and to take advantage of successful processes and concepts from Germany and Austria in other countries.

The success of the two countries in recent years has laid the foundation for the expansion of the German/Austrian business unit. Despite major challenges posed by the pandemic and the resulting closure of bars and restaurants, Beam Suntory managed double-digit growth in both Germany and Austria for the 2021 fiscal year.

Effective April 2022, Nicole Ellen will assume her new role as Managing Director for Germany and Northern Europe, thus managing the newly established Germany and Northern Europe business unit. Since March 2019, she has held the position of General Manager of German Beam Suntory GmbH, and in June 2020 she has also taken over the management of the company in Austria. Prior to that, she held various management positions in German and Global Marketing at Beam Suntory. Prior to joining Beam Suntory, Ehlen worked for Unilever in Germany and Great Britain for twelve years in various management positions. With its experience and expertise, it has the best requirements for achieving synergies and sustainable growth in different markets in the newly established business unit and to ensure the achievement of long-term goals.

“I am really looking forward to this new assignment. With our newly established business unit, we can become more resilient, develop long-term growth strategies and make better use of the opportunities that arise,”

Nicole Ellen explains.

The expansion of the business unit also means new positions and expanded competencies for a number of other senior managers: Marketing Director Albrecht Schneider, Chief Financial Officer Matthias Menkes, and Senior Director of Human Resources Stephanie Wittschrek – formerly responsible for Germany and Austria – will take over from April 1. Its area of ​​responsibility is for the area of ​​Germany and Northern Europe. Burkhard Rosen will remain on Nicole Ellen’s management team as sales manager in Germany for the largest business region, while Woot Wolters will be responsible for sales in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia as Northern Europe region manager. Sebastian Schmidt will be appointed as Senior Director of S&OP International effective April 1st.

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The establishment of the new business unit in Germany and Northern Europe with DACH, Benelux and Scandinavia is part of Beam Suntory’s strategic development: EMEA East and EMEA West are merged and renamed Emerging Business Unit in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. This business unit includes Poland, France, Italy, South Africa, South and Central America as well as a target group of countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The units of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain remained unchanged.