June 23, 2024

International release: Tesla expands full self-driving beta to Canada

Tesla has officially begun fully implementing the full self-driving beta for users in Canada. This is the beginning of the international expansion of Tesla’s Autonomous Driver Assistance System.

Suggests that Electric Online Magazine. Tesla currently describes the software as an early version of the actual self-driving system. This “full self-driving beta” test, abbreviated FSD beta, will be available in the United States from the end of 2020. However, Tesla does not have every driver who clicks on the product for autonomous driver assistance when ordering its vehicle. Before that, there was a kind of risk assessment that Tesla used to select drivers.

FSD software allows you to drive the vehicle autonomously to the location entered in the vehicle’s navigation system. However, the human driver must be vigilant at all times to intervene if necessary.

About 60,000 vehicles are already in beta testing

Despite the name “full self-driving”, the responsibility for the driver rests with the driver. Tesla has been releasing new software updates for the FSD beta program for several months. Additionally, more drivers are added to the program. According to the automaker, there were nearly 60,000 Tesla owners in the FSD beta program in Q4 2021 – all of them so far only in the United States.

This is now changing with the expansion of the program. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long promised this expansion, and now the time has finally come. With the latest software update for version 2022.4.5.4, Canada’s first vehicles are considered. With the new version, owners can now request the full self-driving beta by request. After use, the approval process begins, which involves providing a “safety rating” for the Tesla user’s daily driving behavior.

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If the rating is good, Tesla can offer them FSD beta software. There is no qualification for beta testing. Musk had already confirmed that Tesla had tried the FSD beta software during an initial internal test in Canada with about 60 vehicles. In the official release, the number of test vehicles can be expected to increase significantly, as now everyone who has purchased an FSD package with their vehicle order can apply.

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