Interior minister opens arms against Jewish umbrella organization

In Britain, there is a tense relationship between the umbrella organization of Jewish communities and Home Secretary Suella Braverman. The conservative politician, who supports more restrictive immigration policies, expressed his displeasure at a Social Security Trust (CST) dinner in London on Wednesday night at a British Jewish delegation’s scathing criticism of his proposed illegal immigration bill.

Braverman said that portraying controversial political positions as the opinion of an entire community is a recipe for dividing that community. The home minister, who is the daughter of immigrants, pointed to “dissension within the country [jüdischen] community” that ran along “conventional lines from left or right.” She implied that the umbrella organization of the Jewish community was discriminatory. A line is crossed when the community is not represented in its diversity, Braverman says.

Review This is not the first time the conservative politician, who ran for prime ministership a few months ago, has faced opposition for his tough stance. For her part, Mary van der Zyl, head of the delegation of British Jews, responded Thursday with harsh criticism of Braverman and strongly supported statements by other Jewish leaders on immigration policy.

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The planned legislation to push back migrants is “understandably important to British Jews,” van der Zyl explained in a press release – without naming the home secretary. Most of the country’s Jews have ancestors who were forced to flee mainland Europe to Great Britain due to anti-Semitic hostility. Van der Zyl thanked the government for increasing government funding for CST by one million pounds. But he added: “We regret that this announcement was made at the same time as criticism of our organization.” Van der Zyl said a personal meeting with the interior minister to discuss the matter would be appreciated.

In a March 9 statement, Jewish officials expressed “significant concerns” about Braverman’s proposed law against illegal immigration, saying it violates the European Convention on Human Rights. Braverman admits that, but she doesn’t let it distract her from her hard-on.

reactions Gabriel Kanter-Weber, rabbi of the Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue, defended the delegation and criticized the Social Security Trust for inviting Braverman in the first place. “Braverman’s policies are fundamentally incompatible with Jewish values, and no Jewish organization should under any circumstances give them a platform,” Kanter-Weber wrote on Facebook.

On the other hand, Garry Mond, head of the recently established National Jewish Assembly, expressed solidarity with the interior minister, who is married to a Jew: “The Jewish community here is now unconcerned if the board or any other Jewish community organization takes a partisan position on an issue that affects them, which is obviously a recipe for division among the Jews of this country.

Activist Jonathan Hoffman accused the Board of Delegates of wrongdoing. ‘British immigration policy works [das Board] Nothing,” Hoffman also said on Facebook. mth

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