May 23, 2024

Indian Alternative: Will B.1.617.2 extend from Great Britain to the European Union?

Indian Alternative: Will B.1.617.2 extend from Great Britain to the European Union?

Coronavirus variant B.1.617.2, which first appeared in India, is on the rise in Great Britain. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock clarified doubts that vaccines cannot protect against the highly contagious form of pathogens with the help of the results of a scientific study.

Hancock claims a second dose of the vaccine

“In this new data, we can see that after the second dose, the vaccine is just as effective as the old alternative. This means that everyone watching should report receiving their second dose of vaccination. That’s a common achievement. The whole nation is in the same boat.” Hancock said. We could survive this if we all got the first dose, then the second dose. “

In the French city of Bordeaux, the emergence of a special form of the British variant caused widespread use of vaccination: 19,000 doses were delivered. France is considering further restrictions on entry from the United Kingdom. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian emphasized: “The emergence and spread of the Indian species in Great Britain causes difficulties. We are vigilant – in cooperation with the UK authorities. But this is not the issue of the Red List, there will be a temporary solution. “

Germany is strict, Spain is easy

The person in charge is in Germany Robert Koch Institute The United Kingdom was recently classified as a variable viral region. This means, among other things: With few exceptions, people residing in Great Britain are banned from traveling and entering Germany since Sunday.

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Spain is not strict and now allows British tourists to enter the country. However, the British government advises against traveling to Spain. Quarantine is planned after returning to the UK.