July 16, 2024

Incredible streaming: Sky gets rid of annoying operator software

Incredible streaming: Sky gets rid of annoying operator software

Image: sky

Until now, streaming Sky’s Wow show (the successor to Sky Ticket) on PC was cumbersome, because additional player software had to be installed. Sky has now done so, so dazzling broadcasting is now possible directly in the browser without additional software, provided you’re using Windows or macOS.

A Sky spokesperson said the change to the Wow streaming service was positive in terms of ease of use hot online Certain. Content can now be played directly on the Wow website in the browser. To do that, “All major browsersare supported, provided they are used on a Windows or macOS system and are compatible with at least a halfway updated version. Linux systems are therefore excluded. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari are explicitly mentioned as supported browsers for the web launcher now integrated into the website. The web Heaven has them Notes on help pages It has already been modified accordingly.

You can stream WOW in all modern browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari) on your Windows PC or Mac. Simply search for a movie, series or sporting event of your choice on wowtv.de.

The extra player was annoying

While Wow content could always be played directly in the mobile apps, PC and Mac users first had to download and install the Wow player, which launched each time an address was accessed via the web portal to play the content.

how hot It reported, however, that Sky had already introduced a separate player to Wow’s predecessor, Sky Ticket, citing the protection interests of the rights holders as the reason. However, the program was not only cumbersome, but also caused dissatisfaction with technical issues.

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Sky explained that the decision to cancel the operator was also taken in order to obtain a better user experience.