Alan Wake 2: The main character’s spokesperson is likely to reveal the release date

So far, Remedy is still hiding Alan Wake 2’s release date, aside from the fact that the game should be released in 2023. A spokesperson for the main character could have frustrated the studio and set the exact release period.

An official announcement from developer Remedy is still pending, but there are growing signs that Alan Wake 2 will launch this fall. While the studio itself isn’t providing any more specific information beyond a general statement for 2023, a spokesperson for the main character of the same name has now revealed that information.

About a year and a half after the survival horror sequel was originally announced, Matthew Puretta has now commented in more detail in an interview. He speaks to the main character in the game – and it looks like he’s now also taken on the role of press spokesperson for Remedy Entertainment without further ado.

in the podcast Monsters, madness and magic He has been interviewed on a variety of topics, including Alan Wake. Then he abruptly said regarding the sequel: “I’ve been working on it. It’s supposed to come out in October. We’re still in the middle of doing it.”

He went on to say that just last week he was in Finland with the developer working on the game. Therefore the staff at Remedy are “great people”.

Poettra relates well at Remedy beyond his vocal role as Alan Wake and also played a significant role in Control, another treatment title. Accordingly, his statement probably carries a lot of weight, which is why we can safely assume there is an October time window for the game’s release, even if the official statement is still missing. We’ll keep you updated!

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Alan Wake 2 – TGA 2021 Announcement Trailer

Rumors confirmed: Remedy Entertainment has officially announced the Alan Wake 2 sequel.

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