December 4, 2023

Iceland: Strong seismic activity heralds a volcanic eruption


Strong seismic activity – a volcano is about to erupt

Strong seismic activity was measured near the Blue Lagoon tourist attraction, indicating an imminent volcanic eruption.


The region located in the southwest of the country has witnessed repeated light tremors since Wednesday.

Imago/Danita Delimont

  • Another volcanic eruption may soon occur in Iceland.

  • Strong seismic activity was measured near the “Blue Lagoon” near the city of Grindavik.

  • In addition, earthquakes have been recurring in the area since Wednesday.

In Iceland it is close to tourists Very popular “Blue Lagoon” Strong seismic activity has been measured, which may indicate an impending volcanic eruption. Maybe it’s one to one Magma accumulation The National Meteorological Directorate said on Saturday that swelling had been observed on the ground. The southwestern region of the country has also witnessed repeated mild tremors since Wednesday.

The meteorological service reported that more than 7,000 earthquakes were recorded. The strongest earthquake was 4.5 magnitude.

Iceland is the largest and most active volcanic region in Europe. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur again and again.

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