April 22, 2024

Ice Hockey - Jürgen Romrich talks about Canada's victory and the chances of the World Cup

Ice Hockey – Jürgen Romrich talks about Canada’s victory and the chances of the World Cup

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25 years ago, Miesbach’s Juergen Romrich was on the ice himself in their final victory against Canada until recently. Now he can enjoy the National Ice Hockey World Cup matches at home.

Miesbach / Bad Tools – The time Jürgen Romrich spent as an energetic ice hockey player is now very present again, especially his years as a national player. Namely, the 1996 World Cup. At that time, 25 years ago, Germany and Romrich celebrated their last win over Canada on Monday. “To be honest: I didn’t realize it was that long ago. Everything is prettier there.” The 53-year-old says from Miesbacher, “Time is up.” However, he was not contacted about the apparent extraordinary event. A long time and maybe not even for many. “

After three wins from his first four matches, he was severely affected by the performance of the German cracks in the current World Cup in Latvia. “It’s really fun to watch the national team. The dedication, the passion and the solidarity, that’s how you imagine it.” The fact that national coach Tony Soderholm’s team suffered their first defeat after their initial three victories against Kazakhstan is only natural with the “brutal program”. “Kazakhstan is playing hard, and in a very uncomfortable way. We fought against them even in my own time.”

This Saturday he will face defending champions Finland, followed by duels with the United States (Monday) and host Latvia (Tuesday). Should the German national team score in these matches, the quarter-finals are yet to be confirmed. “I’m convinced they can do that,” says Romrich, who himself was on ice in six A-World Championships and three Winter Olympics (1992/1998/2002).

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The 53-year-old finds enough time to watch the games despite his new position as General Manager of Tölzer Löwen (inform us). With the sponsorship campaign “Your Name, Our Home”, he completed his first project: Lions will play in the RSS arena in the future. “I can only thank everyone involved,” Romrich says of the sponsors ’participation in the campaign,“ That’s exactly what we had hoped for. ”