Hungarian Grand Prix qualification – Russell ahead of Ferrari drivers in pole position – Red Bull Sport disappointed

  • George Russell takes pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix ahead of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.
  • Max Verstappen (10th) and Sergio Perez (11th) complain of inability and bad luck.
  • With grid modes 8 and 12, Alfa Romeo can hope to score points.

George Russell showed it to everyone too late. On the last lap, the Mercedes driver surprisingly drove 44,000 times faster than Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who was only able to start from second place. Current World Cup runner-up and Sainz teammate Charles Leclerc will start from third.


target victory

George Russell.

Keystone / European Patent Office / Zsolt Czegledi

In light of the fact that Ferrari was trading high before qualifying in Hungary due to a good training performance, Leclerc shouldn’t be entirely satisfied. With world championship leader Max Verstappen only starting from 10th place, his starting position may have put a small smile on his face.

No Love Affair: Red Bull and the Hungaroring

The Dutchman led in Red Bull well in the first and second quarters. But when it came to pole position, Verstappen first complained that he had no grip and later that he lacked power. Changing the car’s settings didn’t change anything, and Verstappen ended up cursing a disappointing 10th.

It was even worse for his teammate: Sergio Perez was fouled by Kevin Magnussen on his last lap of the second quarter, losing important tenths and finishing eleventh. It’s another chapter in Perez’s troubled relationship with the Hungarian race: He’s competed 12 times, but has never topped the seventh place.

Alfa Romeo fights for points after 3 failed races

Alfa Romeo’s drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Juanio Cho, will fight for their first points since mid-June and the Canadian Grand Prix in the Budapest suburb of Mogyorod. Bottas (eighth) has very good cards, Cho (12) lurks in the back.

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