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FC St. Gallen beat FC Zurich 2-0 thanks to Mos

FC St. Gallen beat FC Zurich 2-0 thanks to Mos

Already facing headwinds: new Zurich coach Franco Voda.Photo: cornerstone

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St. Gallen – Zurich 2: 0

for him FC Zurich Waiting for the first sense of accomplishment continues for the season. The Swiss champions suffered another 0:2 defeat in St. Gallen and are still without a goal after three rounds of the Premier League.

Almost exactly three months after the thrilling title win, FCZ is on the cusp of a crisis. July was a complete disappointment with going out in Champions League And three league games with only one point, a goalless tie in the second round against Lucerne. In St. Gallen, two goals by Julian von Moss before the break prevented a better result.

Fouda is busy spinning again

football club Zurich He did his best to reverse the trend after the break. But even when he played forward constantly and more accurately than before, no target wanted to succeed. In the 69th minute, Antonio Marchesano’s shot rebounded from the post, and five minutes later, a powerful single shot from Wilfried Gonto ended with a hit on the crossbar and in extra time Jonathan Okita was unlucky with the post.

For so far miserable new coach Franco Voda, positive conclusions can be drawn from the second 45 minutes. on me energy His team is not lacking despite the sharp program. This is also due to the German coach, who has rotated extensively since the start of the season, perhaps even more than necessary. For the match in St. Gallen, he replaced half of the team for the third time in a row.

There is positive energy.

St. Gallen’s strong striker Emmanuel Latte Lath repeatedly embarrassed the FCZ defense, for example ahead of 1-0 (20th minute) in a duel against Becir Omeragic. Seconds before halftime, it was von Moss who left other centre-half Karols Mets looking old. While FC Zurich is in the worst position after three rounds of any defending champion since the introduction of the Premier League, St Gallen is doing just fine.

As the residents of St. Gallen celebrate in the background, Bledian Krasniqi is served from Zurich.

As the residents of St. Gallen celebrate in the background, Bledian Krasniqi is served from Zurich.Photo: cornerstone

“We were able to take the momentum from the last second half of the season,” said the Moos match winner at Blue. The team is a unit, and that’s what makes him so strong at the moment. In addition, the general atmosphere in the stadium, which again almost ran out, was inspiring. “You look around and see a hut full, it feels incredible. There is positive energy here. It gives you strength when people support us like that.”

St. Gallen was overjoyed by the imminent departure of Victor Ruiz. Spanish midfielder after three years in eastern switzerland before leaving. “Victor is my brother, I wish him well,” said fellow countryman Jordi Quintella of Blue. “He had a great opportunity, and he’s taking it now.” Where Ruiz will be moving to has yet to be leaked.

St. Gallen – Zurich 2:0 (2:0)
17,838 spectators. – SR Ensign.
Portals: Twentieth of moss (latte lat) 1: 0. 45 of moss (sutter) 2: 0.
St. Gallen: Ati Ziggy Sutter, Stillhart, Majlica, Jindo; Witzig (60. Schneider), Quintillà, Schmidt; Von Moss (82 Kräuchi), Schubert (60th Akolo / 69th Besio), Latte Lath (46 Stergiou).
Zurich: crusher; Boranijasevic, Omeragic, Mets, Guerrero (69 Aliti); Hornsho (Conde 64), Sealer (Marcesano 64); Gnonto (85th Gogia), Krasniki, Okita; Tosin (69 Santini).
Notes: St. Gallen without Guertler (suspended), Kempter, Gillinote (both injured), Guidotti and Ruiz (neither of them on the team). Zurich without Rohner and Algemeili (both injured). 69. Marchesano hits the post. 73. Red card against Schmidt. 75. Gnonto hit the crossbar. 95. Another Okita shot. Reservations: 21. Boranigasevich (False). 26 latte latte (foul). 78 condi (foul). 87. Jogja (wrong).

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Sion – Serft 0-0

Servet thanks for the lottery FC Sion He also got something to count from his third Premier League game of the season. With the least offensive effort, Geneva beat St. Gallen (1-0), in intrepid (1:1) And now five points in the rune derby.

Referee Wolfensberger retracted a penalty after he encountered a foul earlier in the match.

Referee Wolfensberger retracted a penalty after he encountered a foul earlier in the match.Photo: cornerstone

Goalie Jérémy Frick was primarily responsible for this. The former Swiss international for juniors also kept his team in Valais With good saves in play.

In addition, Servette can currently count on luck in competitions. In the 77th minute, Sion’s penalty decision was corrected with the help of VAR: a player from Sitten made a mistake in the midfield before the action. Sion’s three or four good chances to score were met by a shot from the crossbar from Servetin Patrick Pflock.

Sion – Serve 0: 0
8200 spectators. – S. R. Wolfensberger.
Sion: Lindner, Lavanci, Caffari, Santini, Balthasar; Grgic. Itaitinga (Sio 83), Poha, Araz (Zuffi 95), Bua (Karlen 70); Stojelkovic (70 steaks).
napkin: grits. Bauer, Roeler; Severin, Clichy (Bahrami 46/Montero 88); Dolin. Stefanovic, Cognat, Rodlin (75 Oberlin), Peking (75 Antons); Pedia (Waltz 66).
Notes: Sion complete. Servette without Cespedes and Sawadogo (both injured) and Emery (not in the squad). Reservations: 32. Lavanche (Foul). 36. Balthasar (False). 80. Cognate (wrong). 86 Santini (False). 93. Lindner (non-athletic). 97 Oberlin (foul).



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